As if you really needed another reason to buy something online, there are some things that just make more sense to purchase online. Sure, some places allow you to print out shipping labels, like, Endicia, EBay, Express 1 and others.

The real question is: Are these shipping labels compatible with all three major carriers in the U.S.? No. The reality is that shipping labels by these companies are usually just made for USPS.

Some places will let you print shipping labels if you have a thermal printer that’s compatible, which again presents another problem: How can you afford that costly thermal printer just for the shipping labels that you need to print?

Herein lies the reason why we decided to write this article. We will outline the top ten reasons to always buy shipping labels online. They are as follows.

1. Convenient: There is nothing more convenient than being able to buy shipping labels online and have them drop-shipped to your front door. It’s really easy to do and fast.

2. More affordable: You will be hard pressed to find better deals elsewhere than you will online. Heck, that’s why ecommerce is booming, because the prices are usually lower.

3. Compatibility: What if you need standard shipping labels? Well most places sell the thermal kind, online you can find shipping labels that will work with any standard laser or inkjet printer.

4. Get more for your money: Sure you can buy shipping labels at Staples or Office Max, but how much are you willing to pay? Online stores have to attract your business and will usually offer really good deals on labels.

5. Multi-carrier: What about being able to use the shipping labels for all three major carriers in the U.S.? Specialty labels are the only ones that will work for this notion.

6. Software driven solution: Labels are great and all, but will they work with your online store? When you buy these labels, you can usually get them with a software solution that allows you to streamline your pick and pack process.

7. Professional looking: Standard cut and dry labels will not really add any sort of a professional element to your shipments. Custom ones that you buy online can do this, though.

8. Integrated: Most shipping software works with specific labels. Usually you have to buy these online. So unless you are planning on manually copying and pasting shipping information, you had best assure that your labels work with your software solution.

9. Time saving: Do you really want to spend an hour going to the office supplies store just to pay more for the shipping labels that you can get online faster? What is your time worth?

10. Bulk discounts: One thing that you will rarely find locally on shipping labels are bulk discounts. For example, ReadyLabels are offered with one free ream of labels for every 20 that you buy. This adds up quickly to huge savings for lager online stores that buy and use lots of shipping labels.

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