Comparing FedEx vs UPS vs USPS is a bit more complicated than just listing prices. In fact, for UPS and FedEx you can’t even really do that as their prices are influenced by the weight and delivery address of your package. For them, the flat rate comes from the flat rate for service delivery type.

With USPS, the flat rate is the price and size, with the same delivery rate for all packages. USPS does have a weight limit. As you can start to see, there may be different shipments that will need one carrier over the other to get it where it needs to go on time.

FedEx Flat Rates

FedEx flat rate is based upon the zone that package is being delivered to and the weight. Another factor that can also influence the pricing is the type of destination address. While FedEx will deliver to non-standard addresses, there may be an extra charge. The prices listed after each type of shipment type represent the base cost for local, regional and delivery 601 miles or more away from the origination of the shipment.

  • Envelope – $7.50; $8.00; $9.75
  • Pak – $7.50; $8.00; $9.75
  • Small Box – $8.50; $9.75; $10.75
  • Medium Box – $10.50; $12.25; $14.00
  • Large Box-$15.75; $17.25; $18.75
  • Extra Large Box – $24.75; $28.00; $39.25
  • Tube – $24.75; $28.00; $39.25

UPS Rates

UPS does not require you to use a specific box type or size for their shipping. Their flat rate shipping works by delivery time and zone, not by size and weight. UPS offers Express, Express Plus, Express Saver and Expedited Shipping.

The guaranteed times for delivery are within a range of days (2-3, 3-5, next day) and are guaranteed delivery by a certain time of day (morning, mid-morning, afternoon). The price will be dependent on the zone of travel, destination address and type, as well as the weight of the shipment.

USPS Flat Rate

USPS offers a wide range of flat rate sizes and the price listed is for postage only, as they will provide the box or envelope for free. The price is the same no matter what zip code zone the packages are to be delivered.

  • Flat Rate Envelopes retail $5.60; online $5.05
  • Legal Flat Rate Envelope retail $5.75; online $5.25
  • Padded Flat Rate Envelope retail $5.95; online $5.70
  • Small Flat Rate Box retail $5.80; online $5.25
  • Medium Flat Rate Boxes retail $12.35; online $11.30
  • Large Flat Rate Boxes retail $17.45; online $15.80
  • APO/FPO/DPO Flat Rate Box retail $15.45; online $13.80

Making The Comparison Work For You

Placing FedEx vs UPS vs USPS against each other doesn’t really tell the full story. The full story comes from your shipping projections. You most likely will need all three carriers at different times.

One will be your dominant carrier, but all of them have a specialty that can’t be beat. The trick is to make sure that you are choosing the one that is right for your current shipment, not choosing one shipping company. If you stay flexible with your carriers, you can save even more in the long run while also improving customer satisfaction too.