USPS is one of the most trusted courier and postal services in the United States, and this is due in large part to the wide array of shipping options they have available. One of these shipping options is priority mail, which allows items to be shipped in a variety of sizes, shapes and weights at different tiered flat rates. However, when considering this option it is important to consider firstly whether it is one that fits your specific purposes and secondly just how much does USPS priority mail cost?


The cost of shipping is split into tiers by dimensions. There are four different packaging tiers: small packages (five and three eighths inches by eight and five eighths inches by one and five eighths inches) which ship for just five dollars and ninety-five cents; Medium boxes (11 and a quarter inches by eight and three quarters inches by six inches or 14 inches by 12 inches by three and a half inches) which ship for just $12.95; Large boxes (12 inches by 12 inches by five and a half inches) which go for $17.90; and dual sized boxes (11 and seven eighths inches by three and three eighths inches by 13 and five eighths inches) which can be shipped for a flat rate of $44.95.

In addition to these flat rate costs, you must consider the value of your particular item to weight in whether or not the item will require insurance, which will be offered separately in tiers by cost of item.


Of course, dimensions are not the only deciding factor to consider when it comes to flat rate shipping. When you ask how much does USPS priority mail cost you must also consider the weight of the object being delivered as well as the location to which it will be travelling. As a rule, items which fall into the dimensions mentioned above come with a weight limit of 70 pounds.

Anything over this cannot be sent using the priority mail flat rate service. Smaller items (under 20 pounds) can be packaged for delivery by priority mail in non-priority mail boxes. The distance the package is travelling will also have an effect on the price, as a longer distance will incur a higher cost, particularly if any border crossing is involved.

You must also bring into consideration and legal barring your item might receive in certain states, as there are still certain objects which cannot be delivered across state lines or sent in the mail at all. You must also consider whether you require the speed of faster services such as express mail, for which you will pay a much higher rate.

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