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How To Find The Right Cloud CRM Software For Your Business

Cloud CRM is one of the hottest trends in the business software product market. Not only does this mean that there are more choices in products, but there are also free CRM programs that can deliver all the CRM benefits you need.

But finding the right cloud CRM software for your business that has a lot more going for it than just its price will take some work. These programs offer all the features of the premium products, but don’t cost a thing. Which one will be the best free cloud CRM for you is discovered by the same process as looking for the best premium CRM. You have to know what you are looking for, know where you want to go with your CRM, know the CRM benefits you need and then go looking for the best free CRM that delivers it all.

How Can They Be Free?

The best free CRM cloud software offers all the features of a premium CRM – so why are they free? There are several reasons why CRM may be free. The first is if it was developed as part of the open-source community. This is a community that believes software, especially business software, should be a right. They create programs that can deliver all the CRM benefits of a premium product using code contributions from their members. This radically reduces development costs so they can offer the program for free.

Others on the best free CRM list are offering full-featured versions of their premium product. The difference between their free and premium versions doesn’t lie in the CRM benefits they deliver, but in the number of users allowed to access the program and the storage allotted to your overall account. They issue free CRM so that when you grow you will buy into their premium products.

How Do You Pick?

The process for picking the best free CRM cloud software is just about the same as the process for picking the best premium cloud CRM software – you have to try it out. Download the program and try it for 30 days and then analyze your discoveries about the software.

One thing you do want to be careful of when picking the best free CRM for your business is what type of support is offered. If it is free, there is a chance there is very limited support. To provide support costs money, and, unless you have a free CRM that is tied to a premium version, you may not even have an online manual to access. Consider all of this when choosing the best free CRM cloud software and then make your decision. If you outgrow it quickly, consider switching to a premium version.

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