The coveted Commercial Plus pricing offered by the USPS is the lowest price that you can get on all Priority Mail shipments (up to 20-pounds). It’s a special discounted rate that offers an even greater savings off the already discounted USPS Priority Mail rates. But how do you get it?

The first thing that you should know is that the USPS only contracts out this discount based upon large volume shippers. This means that you have to be shipping 50,000 items or more per year to qualify. That being said, most online stores don’t. But now you can. Keep reading and we’ll tell you why and show you how.

What is Flat Rate Select?

Flat Rate Select is a better, easier and faster way to save on all your outbound USPS Priority Mail shipments, up to 20 pounds. You can only get this exclusive discount shipping option with ReadyShipper shipping software; it’s included with your active license. Flat Rate Select ties you into the lowest prices on Priority Mail, the same Commercial Plus prices that big businesses get. The savings add up fast.

How Much Can You Save?

What you will save will all depend upon how many packages that you are sending out and where you are sending them to. Pricing is zone-based. The USPS controls this pricing, but the Commercial Plus price breaks are passed onto you. There’s no limit to how much you can use it. Just select it as your ship type in ReadyShipper and watch as the savings stack up day in and day out.

How to Get Started

To use Flat Rate Select, you’ll need to first get started with ReadyShipper. There’s a 14-Day Free Trial that you can start to see if ReadyShipper is right for you. Use the Flat Rate Select pricing calculator to see how much money you could be saving with each shipment. Start the savings today and ease your shipping with the powerful features of ReadyShipper.