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How to Implement an Employee-Centric Equipment Return Policy for Work from Home (WFH)

How to Implement an Employee-Centric Equipment Return Policy for Work from Home (WFH)

As employees across the professional sector clamor to make work-from-home permanent, the need for businesses to be able to perform company equipment exchanges efficiently is becoming more important. 

At the start of the pandemic many companies felt that remote work would only be a means to an end and that soon after we reached an endemic phase workers would make their way back to the office. However, the benefits of work-from-home for employees are undeniable. 

A better work-life balance, the ability to live and work from anywhere, flexible hours and major savings on commuting and childcare costs are the main reasons workers have chosen to fight to make work-from-home an employee right and permanent. 

There are many benefits of remote work for employers as well, including more happier and productive employees, but old traditions die hard and being physically present in the office is one of them. Love it or hate it, the struggle exhibited largely by work-from-home employees that were ‘forced’ back to the office by AT&T is proving that working remotely is the future of business. 

Businesses Need a Better Equipment Return Process 

As it becomes increasingly obvious that work-from-home is the future, it’s becoming even more important for companies to prepare for the inevitable and permanent transition to operating remotely. After two years of remote work due to the pandemic most businesses have the groundwork laid for a decentralized workforce, but one of the main areas that should be addressed and is often overlooked is company equipment returns

Whether it’s a field rep. that needs resupplied, their equipment exchanged or upgraded or you’re performing an offboarding procedure with former employees, company equipment returns are a common occurrence for a remote workforce. With a well-defined and streamlined company equipment return system, you can make an often time consuming, tedious and stressful process much simpler for your business and employees. 

The Solution is ReadyReturns 

The solution to the company equipment returns dilemma is creating and using an employee-centric return policy. ReadyReturns helps you create that policy by making company equipment returns a breeze for anyone! 

Why Use ReadyReturns?

The secret to the ease of use is QR codes. Your employee has a mobile phone or smart device of some kind and they can use it to create a pay-on-use return shipping label that makes returns both reliable and predictable. 

  • Set specific requirements before a QR code is issued by the software such requiring pictures of the item being returned 
  • QR codes can be created on the employee’s mobile device which can then be scanned at any UPS Store location and a return label created 
  • Administrators or internal agents can issue QR codes themselves and have them automatically sent to the employee’s company email 
  • Choose to require up to three images of each item being returned before issuance of a QR code. Images of equipment are then saved within the program to verify against the item received. 

QR codes are a standard feature offered by ReadyReturns which can be activated without monthly minimums or start-up costs and gives employees the ability to make returns without any hassle. 

Making Returns Employee-Centric and Easier Than Ever 

Motivating an employee to return equipment can be a hassle, but convincing a former one can be a total headache. So how do you make the process even easier and more convenient? 

Introducing: Front door pick-up returns 

With front door pick-up you can avoid the entire issue and have company equipment picked up by a driver at any location your employee may be. Boxes and labels are completely unnecessary taking even more of the hassle out of the equation. Drivers are both trained and prepared to accept loose items and then package them professionally for transit. 

You or your employee can use the ReadyReturns self-service portal to schedule a pick-up timeframe that works best for them. A standard option within ReadyReturns software, front door pick-up enables you to make company equipment returns employee-centric by providing the easiest way possible to make a return. 

Are you ready to simplify and create an employee-centric company equipment return policy for your business? Contact us today to schedule a free consultation with one of our specialists today! 

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