CRM for Your Ecommerce World

How to Increase The Effectiveness Of Your Ecommerce CRM Software

If you have added ecommerce CRM software to your company’s toolkit, then you should be congratulated on selecting one of the best programs for giving your business the edge. Now the problem is getting it to deliver on its promise. The most common issue that companies have with Cloud CRM packages isn’t in their functionality, it lies in the CRM adoption rates of their employees. It isn’t enough to just add the package in and tell people to use it. There are some simple steps that have to be followed to make the transition effective.

Right Out Of The Box Doesn’t Negate Training

One of the main perks of ecommerce CRM software is that you can be up and running with it within a few hours. It is advertised as an “out of the box” program, which means it is easy-to-use without extensive training.

Most cloud CRM packages have been inspired by the Apple interface, which does make them intuitive and easy-to-use, but that doesn’t mean you can forego training. If you are seeing low CRM adoption rates in your company, chances are you need to boost the training you offer.

A program can be intuitive and easy to use, but to access all of its functions you need to run task specific training. Not everyone needs to know how to use every feature of the program, but everyone does need to know how to make the program do what they need done.

How Did You Handle The Introduction?

The old-school model of introducing software to your organization doesn’t work with CRM software packages. It isn’t enough to issue an edict of “this is how we are going to do things,” you have to gain the support of key employees in your organization.

The best way to do this is to put the free trial offer with your ecommerce CRM software to good use. Tap your key people from each area that will be using the Cloud CRM packages and get them to be your test group. Poll them for their opinions on the software and then respond to their feedback. This will boost your CRM adoption rates as it connects the departments to the process, and gives them a social leader to help direct their opinions and openness to the new product.

Let The Adoption Rates Tell You What Is Needed

If you have done a test group and put your ecommerce CRM software into use with a solid round of training, but are still seeing low CRM adoption rates, look to those rates to find out what you need. Run a survey of the departments with the lowest rates and identify the need. It could be that a certain group needs more training, or that their hardware isn’t capable of handling the interface. One of the most common reason that CRM adoption rates run low with Ecommerce CRM software lies in the size of the package you have purchased.

If You Hear This, Then Do That

If you run your survey and you are hearing back that the ecommerce CRM software is slow or lagging in speed, then you can be sure that your problem lies in the access size you purchased. In other words, you have too many users for the account access size you purchased. Purchase a larger access account and the problem is easily fixed.