The day and age of a new era of shipping label is upon us.

Behold: the peel-off shipping label. It eliminates the costlier thermal shipping label once and for all, and enables you to print your labels and fulfill your packages faster and more accurately than ever before. Find out why you really ought to be using them in this article.


Your time is indeed money. How much time are you spending on your pick-and-pack process? Order fulfillment shouldn’t be grinding hours of your valuable time from your day. In fact, it should be a simple and straightforward process that relies upon one system.

There’s the first reason to use a peel-off shipping label: you can get rid of that time consuming two-system method you used to use (where your packing list is printed from one system and your shipping label is printed from another).

Instead, you can now print your shipping label, packing list and comment card from one system with one sheet of paper (comment card and packing list are perforated; the shipping label is peel-and-stick).


Shipping errors can cost you big time. Not just in the form of lost revenue from the cost that you have to absorb from returns, but also in the denigrated customer perception, where the wrong item was shipped to them, creating a hassle for the customer.

Peel-off shipping labels are easier and faster to print than thermal and improve your fulfillment accuracy exponentially because you are using a simpler one-system pick-and-pack process.


Another thing about thermal labels is that some are not compliant with all major carriers. You really want to carefully review any shipping labels that you are considering buying to assure that they are in the acceptable format for USPS, UPS, FedEx, Endicia, and Express 1.

A peel-out shipping label (like the ReadyLabels that we offer) can work with all major carriers and discount digital postage providers to deliver an all-in-one system that saves you time and money every single day.