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Picking The Right CRM Software for Small Business

Running a small business is challenging but there are many tools that can help make the process easier, especially if running an online business. One of the most important pieces of software an online entrepreneur can have is CRM software for small business. There are plenty of CRM software for small business solutions out there, so these tips are going to streamline the sourcing process to make it more productive.

Why Small Businesses Need a CRM

Small businesses are just like large corporations: They have customers that require attention and servicing. The only difference between a small and large business is their customer base and their structure, aside from that they are essentially the same. Every large business started off small and grew, and as a company grows they have to keep abreast of all their current and potential customers. This can be a daunting task. Since each customer is a source of revenue and referrals, they need to be treated with great care. If a small business does not have a CRM in place, even if they experience growth, they will not be able to adapt and seize the opportunity because the needs of their existing clients would not have been met.

Selecting the Right CRM Software for a Small Business

There are CRM solutions designed for the small business user, in fact, that is the target audience for most CRM service providers. The larger organizations typically build their own CRM in-house or are subscribing to one of the established CRM heavyweights, which is not economically suitable for a small business. What the business owner will need to do is assess the prospective CRM firms based on the following qualities.

  • Does the CRM software provider have a large base of small business clients? Since small businesses are constantly starting, there should be no shortage of customers for the CRM firms to target. One metric that shows whether a CRM firm is a good candidate or not is by the size of their customer base, but that is just one of a many metrics to consider.
  • Does the CRM solution integrate with websites? Since the majority of small businesses are online, the CRM should integrate with it so data can be easily captured and populated. If the CRM does not integrate with the website, then the online business owner will have to develop a process to upload this data which is very time-consuming.
  • Is the CRM easy to use? If the CRM is easy to use, then it reduces the overall learning curve for the website owner and their staff. The only way to determine this is by participating in a demo of the CRM software.

Small business owners are the lifeblood of the economy. Business owners that want their online business to gain an edge need to have a CRM in place or they will end up losing market share and sales.

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