There’s nothing more frustrating than lost time. While fickle to cry over spilt milk, lost time is your greatest commodity that’s being wasted. Ten minutes here, five minutes there… it all adds up, and rather quickly, to a lot of hours each day.Now this can be even more unnerving when you are trying to manage your e-commerce store and you realize that there is not enough time in the day to begin with. Factor in that to your bottom line and you may want to jump up and down and scream and shout.

Thankfully, there is a better, more accurate means of getting your orders processed and fulfilled while capitalizing on all the time that you are saving each day. That solution is found with an automated shipping system that offers multicarrier support. What follows are a few ways that it can help you gain back that lost time you’ve been writing off in your mind.

Automated Manual Tasks

Of course, the most powerful and beneficial aspect of an automated shipping system is that it will automate routine, manual and tedious tasks. Things like importing your orders instantly so you can edit them one-by-one or in groups. Things like letting you instantly compare shipping rates to get the best deal. Or like scouring your orders to find any errors and flagging them so you can correct them. These are but a few of the many tasks that can be automated to save you time and money.

Organizing the Fulfillment Process

Fulfillment can be tedious. If you are still printing thermal labels and matching them to paper invoices, you are spending too much time. A good automated shipping system will let you print all-in-one invoices that contain your packing list (perforated) and shipping label (peel-off) from your office’s laser or inkjet printer. One system saves time and reduces order errors.

Getting the Best Shipping Rate

Your bottom line wagers greatly on the shipping rate that you are paying. In addition, customers want low shipping rates with fast delivery or they are likely to abandon the shopping cart. So getting the best rate helps you save money and make more money, too. An automated multicarrier shipping system will get you special discounts on shipping while allowing you to rate shop… so you can safeguard your bottom line.