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One of the trickiest words to use on the Internet is anything involving the use of the term “free.” If you are looking for the best free cloud CRM software download sites you may wind up with pages of search results that aren’t quite sure if you want a free download method, or a free cloud CRM program. Even if you are looking for free desktop CRM databases that one word makes everything a kind of murky mess.

Why Is Free So Hard To Understand

When you think of it, the days of paid or premium downloads is long gone. So why do search results tend to confuse the term “free software” with “free downloads of the software?” The answer basically comes down to marketing. There are some sites that still charge for download access as they are promoting virus and malware checked download files. There are more sites that may be pushing premium products and use the free download designation to try trick people into using what they will eventually have to pay to access. When you are looking for the best free CRM download sites there are only a few that are truly reliable.

Who Is The Best?

When it comes to identifying the best free CRM download sites the list begins and ends with CNET and Sourceforge with nothing in between the two entries. These are two if the most respected and reliable download platforms. This doesn’t mean that there aren’t cloud CRM programs on that site that are free to download, but that you have to pay to use. Read the descriptions and licensing information carefully to make sure you know exactly what you are getting.

Understanding Cloud CRM Licensing

There are three basic types of licensing you will encounter on the best free CRM software download sites. They are free, freemium and premium Free is free, but freemium means you may have to pay to use certain features. A premium cloud CRM program requires you to pay for use, but it may include a free demo. Again, the only way to really identify what you are getting is to carefully read all of the details listed on the best free CRM software download sites.

Now That I Have It, What Do I Do?

The next step, after you have found your best free CRM software download and installed the program is to run a test of the program. This is usually referred to as the trial period or demo. Even if you have installed a free cloud CRM program that is fully featured you still want to do a trial period. All this means is you select a team that will put the CRM software through its paces for a defined period of time, such as 30 days.

Once that trial period is over you collect feedback from the team to define whether this is the right program for your business, and whether or not you will need training in order to realize the CRM benefits offered by the software. No matter whether you are getting a free cloud CRM program, or a demo of a premium one, this process is essential to making sure you see the benefits you expect from your CRM.

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