CRM for Your Ecommerce World

Understanding CRM Ratings

When it comes to customer relationship management software, or CRM, you must make sure that all the due diligence is done before you decide to go with a particular option. As is often the case, there are a multitude of ecommerce CRM software options to choose from and an exponential number of sites rating them. Here is a look at what can determine CRM ratings, and how you can use them to help pick the best software.


When you are making the decision about choosing CRM software, you must consider how the software is going to perform. For instance, one of the things that many ecommerce companies are considering is what type of analytics you are going to get from a CRM interface.

Yes, even your basic computer software is going to tell you how many sales were made in the past 90 days. But can it tell you where those sales were made, how those customers got onto your website and what the average conversion rate is for customers coming through various channels? These are the questions that the best ecommerce CRM software can answer without an issue. Look for ratings that incorporate these analytics into their score.


Another key element to this software that every ecommerce company must consider is how it is going to help you connect the entire business. If you are like most online businesses, you have vendors, accountants and, depending on your size, employees to communicate with in addition to current and potential customers. CRMs that provide various chat and email features within the interface help coordinate and track all the various functions of your business.


Look to the future – will the CRM have the capacity to grow with your business? How many users can access the system simultaneously at the various price points? Is the software cloud-based or are there hardware costs involved? A good CRM ratings model will factor the answers to these and other related questions into their system.

Customer Service

Many CRMs now have a module to help manage service issues and provide valuable data points back to the analytics package. If you are just starting out on your ecommerce venture and don’t have a separate client service department, you may not consider this service piece to be critical, but again – think to the future. You do not want to select a CRM that doesn’t grow with your business and, after all, good customer service is the name of the game.

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