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The only real way to do an effective Cloud CRM comparison is to let your team try out the software during the CRM free trial period. The best way to learn how to put together an effective testing process is to learn what not to do.

Most companies make a three core mistakes when they put together a testing group. They select employees who would not be using the Cloud CRM software all time, they don’t allow the testing group enough time to test the program thoroughly, and lastly, they don’t have a plan or process in place to gather the group’s feedback and analyze it to make an informed decision.

Avoiding these three mistakes is easy with a little advanced planning. We’ll show you how with these helpful tips.

Who Should Be A Part Of The Testing Crew?

Define your customer relationship management process. Create a list of each department involved and pick one person from each department who would be using your CRM software in real life. Pick the person who is a “middle adopter” of new software and who has the respect of the people they work with.

Don’t pick a person known for being an early adopter, or one who is the last to learn to use programs effectively. To do an accurate Cloud CRM comparison, you want the person who represents the average tech abilities of your staff, and who is respected so their view can influences the willingness of others to adopt the program you use.

How To Get Effective Feedback

The CRM free trial period not only allows you to perform a Cloud CRM comparison, but it also provides you with a framework for testing and feedback. Break the trial period into three parts and set goals for each part so that there is structure to what your testing group is doing.

Convene once during each phase of the test to get general feedback. When the trial period is over, have the group write individual CRM reviews for the team – but also have them present their findings as a group. It can also be a good idea to break the group down into sub-groups and develop a debate style feedback presentation.

One group can be charged with saying why it isn’t a good choice and the other presents to prove why this particular CRM is effective. Make sure to also get the individual write-ups, and you are on your way to having a realistic Cloud CRM comparison that will let you make the best decision possible.

CRM is an investment that is well worth having. By making sure you pick the CRM software that your employees are already willing to adopt, you can make sure that you get the most out of it.

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