CRM for Your Ecommerce World


Do a search for Cloud based CRM reviews and you will get a lot of hits. The reviews are all informative, however picking the review that is going to give you the information that you need is another task. Every reviewer does have an angle even if they are trying to present a generic assessment of the CRM integrations. Once you know what to look for you can tell whose review you should heed.

Where Is The Review Coming From?

This is very important. Just about everyone has mastered the concept that one shouldn’t rely on cloud based CRM reviews that are issued by company supported sites. You should also be aware of review sites that allow for sponsored reviews, too.

Many people know about these sites, so they opt to read only those cloud based CRM reviews on industry related sites. The problem with this is the slant of the industry site is going to affect what the reviewer finds pertinent to discuss. For instance, the CRM integrations and CRM specifications emphasized on a site that reviews gaming industry software is going to be slightly different from a retail industry site. That slight difference can matter a great deal later on.

What Experience Does The Reviewer Have?

There is a difference between the review information coming from someone who is in a similar industry to yours and one who is a review-for-hire writer. The former is going to see the product from the stand point of someone in your industry that may have to use it. The latter will deliver a more generic presentation.

This doesn’t mean that reviews from non-industry writers should be discounted, but rather that the genre of their general writing becomes important. Someone with a strong history of writing about customer relationship management is going to be able to provide more insight than someone who is picking up a one-off assignment.

Look Closely At The Title Of The Review

The titles for cloud based CRM reviews are also going to tell you a lot about the limits of the information the review contains. An article titled “the best cloud CRM for small business,” and one titled “the best cloud CRM for mobile sales teams” are going to have different emphasis on certain aspects of the CRM specifications.

Both imply the use of mobile teams, but the one aimed at small businesses is also going to have more information about implementation costs. The other will most likely emphasize adoption rates and multi-user access.

Keep track of these few things and you will find cloud based CRM reviews you should be paying attention to for your decision making process. Do this, and you can glean notes on the best features that you can later explore on your own when trying to find the ideal solution for your business.

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