CRM for Your Ecommerce World


Finding the best cloud-based ecommerce CRM software requires you identifying what you need in the product. Just because cloud CRM software is advertised as ERP ready doesn’t mean it is going to deliver what you need. Combining ERP with CRM can create a powerful tool for your company. But, there are several things you need to consider in order to make identifying the best Cloud CRM software easy.

Start With The Enterprise Planning You Need

To begin, define the enterprise resource planning you need that relates to your customer relationship management process. That’s a mouthful to say, but the concept is easy. Ten to one odds say that you don’t need to include your maintenance operations costs in your CRM program unless that maintenance cost is involved with preserving stock for delivery to customers. In other words, if point A can connect to B, it needs to be integrated in your cloud CRM software. If A connects to C or D, it most likely does not.

You Want Limits On What you Connect

When you are looking at the reviews of the best Cloud CRM software it can be easy to get swept away by a list of features and integrations that include absolutely everything under the sun. To go back to our previous example, the cloud CRM software may also advertise that is can track all of your associated maintenance operations cost.

Since the goal with Enterprise CRM is to create as complete a picture as possible, why wouldn’t this be helpful? The reason can be shown rather than told, by looking at the impact of the Internet on productivity. The internet reduces productivity and knowledge because there is too much information to be able to form a coherent picture that can be acted on. You will only benefit from defining the limits of what you need in your ERP and CRM before going and looking for the mobile CRM solution that can really provide you with the big picture.

Training Up

Another key defining factor of the best Cloud CRM software is that the CRM training allows you to cross train up into the ERP system. This is important. Your CSR needs to know how to access the ERP area that reports on the status of stock so they can better answer a customer who is querying about their order.

This improves the validity of the information given the customer, improves customer satisfaction, increases CSR productivity and boosts CSR morale. Training up means training to the big picture, so that the person with the smallest role in the process can knowledgeably access information to provide answers.

Other Considerations

When you are looking at the best Cloud CRM software for your business, you also have to consider a few other things, too. For one, you have to decide if you want a desktop model or cloud CRM software. Cloud CRM software enables mobile CRM which can be very advantageous, or not needed at all depending on how your business is structured. In the end it is your understanding of your business process that will allow you to identify the best Cloud CRM software available.

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