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What is Weebly CRM & How Does it Work?

It’s not very often that a new contender emerges in the ecommerce shopping cart services arena, but that’s exactly what has happened with Weebly. What has grown from a startup services provider with humble beginnings nearly a decade ago has crossed over into a major player in the ecommerce game, with hundreds upon thousands of active users and a recent acquisition by Square Inc. for $365 million in late 2018.

Today, Weebly powers many small and medium-sized ecommerce businesses that want to make a name for themselves online, but that don’t have the pockets of larger stores to hire expensive tech firms to build out custom online stores.

Weebly answers that call with an easy-to-use shopping cart and online store that gives users options ranging from premium templates to custom contracted designs, all on a budget. In lieu of Square’s acquisition, users are not forced to choose a point-of-sale provider but are offered a great rate if they decide to use Square on the backend.

Now that we’ve covered Weebly, and how it’s contending in the ecommerce space, here are all the reasons why you need Weebly CRM software and some explaining on what it does and how using one benefits your online store in the long run.

What is Weebly CRM?

A Weebly CRM can be easily explained. Shopping carts help you process orders and manage inventory. They’re not relationship management or marketing tools. This means that orders coming in don’t have a name or face, they don’t really mean much to the shopping cart and forget about your cross-channel orders from places like Amazon or eBay.

A CRM takes all your ecommerce order activity and puts a name, face, habit trend, tag, note and event to it. It helps you create a new relationship from every customer interaction you have, from start to finish, regardless the sales channel it emanates from.

Benefits of Weebly CRM

Using this data, you can not only build better relationships by getting to know your customers better, but you can also learn trends, habits, shipping profitability, return habits and more. Using the features of the CRM, you can then create stronger marketing pushes that result in more sales, reduced shipping cost and fewer returns.

When all is said and done, a CRM for Weebly keeps you in touch with your customers, automates a wide variety of tedious tasks, consolidates cross-channel reporting and even helps you ship products and process returns online. What’s not to like? Ready to learn more?

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