CRM for Your Ecommerce World


While we all love them as they save research and analysis time when shopping for CRM software, there is a problem with most Cloud based CRM comparison reviews. That problem is the reviewer doesn’t know what your company needs in CRM integration and resources.

Instead, they often will present the main features of the software, but that may not highlight the features a Cloud based program really has to offer you. To make sure you don’t get caught up in features that are great – but that you don’t need. There is a simple process to undergo to keep yourself on track.

Identify The Integrations That Are Most Important

Now you are ready to read the Cloud based CRM comparison table and look for the CRM software that matches your needs. Start by looking at the CRM integration it allows. These integrations should cover the resources you are currently using in applications and programs, but also have room to expand your resources in a direction compatible with your operations.

Cloud based CRM accounting is becoming the next big thing in improving productivity and efficiency. Social media integration is also a must – just make sure the networks offered are what your target demographic actually uses.

Look To The Ease-Of-Use Ratings Next

Be very careful about the ease-of-use ratings. Very often, they are left off the cloud based CRM comparison, as they don’t have the flash and grab of integration and portal resources in a table. It can be hard to quantify ease-of-use, so look toward the customer adoption rates and reviews.

There can be hidden gold in a customer review from a comparable company that will tell you what it takes to get employees to adopt the CRM software, and whether or not the customer portal access was adopted too. CRM integrations are designed to increase productivity, not weigh you down with a learning curve.

Consider The Reality Of Access

While the average Cloud based CRM comparison review or write-up is going to make it look like you can’t live without it, there is another side of the coin that you have to consider. Having Cloud CRM software can be a real bonus, but only if there is a realistic need for it in your company.

It isn’t going to work if your employees don’t have the mobile technology to access it. It may be time to analyze your hardware resources and consider an upgrade that will match the capabilities of your new CRM package. Make sure you bear this in mind when choosing a solution: it’s a helpful program, not the end-all, be-all for your business’ growth.

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