These Groupon Statistics Will Make You Rethink Digital Coupons

If you are not offering promotional codes or digital discounts and coupons for your online store, you are basically saying “no” to more business. Period. Just take a quick look at our guide on digital coupon statistics to get a better idea of how effective these modern product promotional tools are.

One place that you can always consider offering a package on to garner more brand recognition and sales – albeit at a discounted offering from what you are selling your wares for on your various sales channels – is Groupon.

Groupon’s Mantra

Groupon allows vendors of numerous niches to promote products and services online when they are offered at a vast discount from the retail price. There are some hitches. Namely, you pay a substantial fee to Groupon per sale, and you have to mark down the sale to get it approved.

But, the right way to look at Groupon is this: massive exposure. Think of all of the customers that you can reach, the brand engagement and recognition that you enjoy and just what that is costing you.

In many cases, you can break even or turn a small profit from your listings. Even if you were only making pennies after fulfillment costs, it’s still one of the best forms of advertising that you could buy.

If you could reach thousands of people and still make even a dollar off each sale, that’s thousands of new customers that will reach out for your standalone store after you pull the Groupon sale.

Wondering why these numbers work in your favor? Take a look at this comprehensive breakdown of the most pertinent Groupon statistics to find out.

Users Per Quarter

Between the years 2009 and 2015, Groupon attracted untold millions to its digital storefront. As of Q4 in 2015, the entity had routinely attracted over 48 million unique visitors to its site, all who had redeemed at least one deal over a 12-month period.

By these numbers, and as the chart below reflects, Groupon does over 48 million deals per quarter, or close to 200 million deals per year. Bear in mind that this chart represents millions of users.


Most Active Groupon Statistics

Since it was launched in 2008, Groupon has become the leader in digital coupons. With over 200 million coupons redeemed each year, no other contenders are in sight of this giant. So how do the statistics round out? Here’s a good look using statistics we culled from sources like Tech Crunch and Business Wire, to name a few.

  • For the fourth quarter of 2015, Groupon posted $915 million in revenue.
  • Groupon is the largest digital coupon provider with over 1 billion coupons redeemed.
  • There are over 53 million active Groupon users at any given time, with about 24 million in the US.
  • Groupon routinely features more than 370,000 active deals.
  • There are more than 7 million business pages hosted on the Groupon servers.
  • The service offers more than 23 million tips and ratings.
  • In a given day, over 547,000 coupons are redeemed, resulting in about 22,000 coupons per hour.
  • Groupon is one of the most visited websites online, attracting over 48 million unique visits per month.

5 Interesting Groupon Facts

If you are thinking about putting your products and services on Groupon, here are some interesting facts that you should find to be motivating.

  • The average Groupon deal attracts 350 sales and generates over $8,750 in revenue.
  • Groupon deals average a 56% discount from retail.
  • Chicago Groupon deals generate the most sales.
  • The top 50 best-sellers on Groupon are not restaurant or food offerings.
  • Minneapolis featured the best-selling Sushi deal ever, followed by Houston.

Still wondering why Groupon is such an effective couponing juggernaut? Worry not. Sometimes a picture really is worth a million words. Take a look at this infographic for further insight.

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