How A Taste of the South Saved Thousands Annually with Flat Rate Select™

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People looking for unique and nutty treats, or to offer a tasty gift to colleagues and loved ones, need not go any further than A Taste of the South.

The company offers delectable nuts in a wide variety, ranging from traditional and lightly salted mixes, like their Premium Mixed Nuts, to irresistible gift offerings, such as the Southern Grace Gift Tower.

Just one crunchy taste, and you’ll be convinced: Not only are you enjoying a true ‘Taste of the South,’ but we bet you won’t be able to stop at just one nut.

Increased Sales & Higher Shipping Volume

As the popularity for these unique treats has increased, A Taste of the South’s shipping volume has dramatically increased. The business found itself having a problem all e-retailers want to have: Shipping was cutting into their bottom line because they were sending so many packages.

A typical shipping situation for A Taste of the South involves using USPS Priority Mail to deliver their packages. Since many are time-sensitive orders, Priority Mail and its favorable zone pricing and delivery timetables (two to three business days), is the best option.

If the business was to appease customers by offering fast, reliable shipping, there had to be some way to reduce the cost of doing business.

Flat Rate Select to the Rescue

When A Taste of the South learned that they could slash shipping cost by using Flat Rate Select™, a built-in and instant shipping discount that’s only available in ReadyShipper X, they found that the cost-savings were an immediate benefit to the company’s bottom line and Return on Investment (ROI).

“ReadyShipper X and Flat Rate Select remains the backbone of our fulfillment. And it’s the reason why we save around $5,000 /year on shipping costs,” explains Elie, owner and founder of A Taste of the South.

Flat Rate Select is only available in ReadyShipper. It offers instant savings on cubic pricing for USPS Priority Mail on all packages up to 20-pounds, with savings that add up fast.

With more than two-thirds of shoppers looking for discounted or free shipping rates across all channels, Flat Rate Select puts businesses in a position to succeed, while helping to reinforce their bottom line and strengthen profit margins.

Curbing Cart Abandonment

Unknown to most e-retailers is the fact that the cost of shopping is attached at the hip to cart abandonment rates. According to an in-depth Business Insider/Baymard Institute report, the cost of shipping accounted for a staggering 61% of cart abandonment rates worldwide. Some reports have pegged cart abandonment linked to shipping cost as high as 65%.

Winning on Sales & Shipping

For Eli, the choice was simple. He needed to offer customers fast, efficient and affordable shipping, and he also needed to reduce the cost on his end, too. Once Flat Rate Select became an option, the cost-savings added up quickly for him—slashing his bottom line and helping him win over more customers.

The Savings Add Up

How much savings can online retailers expect by making this simple switch? Let’s ask Elie.

“I save between .80 to $2.75 on average per shipment,” Elie explains, helping us better understand just what sort of cost savings is being passed along.

Do the math based on your shipping volume. The money you save can now be used for new investments. That means an expanded inventory, more selling options, and … more sales.

Find out how you can save big like Elie. Use the Savings Calculator on the Flat Rate Select page, and see how much you’d be saving when you make the switch today!