+ ADD MAILCHIMP To The ReadyCloud Suite

The ReadyCloud Suite gives you powerful MailChimp CRM software that’s rocket fuel for boosting your sales and improving customer loyalty. ReadyCloud creates detailed customer profiles based on your multichannel ecommerce order activity. Using the robust reporting features offered in ReadyCloud, you’ll be able to target your newsletters and promotional messages to your customer base with pinpoint accuracy. Grow your online business faster and streamline your efforts by adding this powerful tool to your marketing arsenal. Start your 14-day trial now, no credit card is needed!

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ReadyCloud Suite Features

Stop sending blind marketing messages! With the MailChimp CRM integration for the ReadyCloud Suite, you’ll know what products to market to whom and when. Using the rich reporting, you can craft targeted messages to your audiences with pinpoint accuracy to maximize ROI and engagement.


Get to know customers better. Use the integrated ReadyCloud CRM dashboard to gain insight into your sales, trends, returns, shipments, seasonality and more.

Order Detail

Make every order count. ReadyCloud CRM delivers rich reporting inside of orders with timeline, shipment and return information, tracking number, invoice and more.


Tackle your day head-on with the Apple-inspired calendar. Use the color-coding feature to make your events stand-out. Add contacts to any given event or date with the tagging feature. Set important reminders and to-dos that help you stay organized and efficient. Make CRM software for Magento more efficient with this handy built-in feature.

App Store

The MailChimp app for ReadyCloud CRM puts your online business in the hotseat for more sales. Drive customer loyalty, retention and sales by knowing who to market what to and when. Make every email you send count, when you have the power of big data.


ReadyCloud CRM is one-of-a-kind. It connects to all your sales channels, and uses ecommerce order activity to generate instant and brilliantly detailed customer profiles, including email addresses. Next, plug in the MailChimp CRM integration, and you’ll be able to leverage the power of your contacts to your advantage, no matter what channel they’ve placed an order from!


Stay ahead of the marketing game with the built-in, color-coded calendar. Set reminders and mark down key sales dates, so you never miss a chance to earn more sales again. Included team and profile tagging helps you make the most of the time in your day.


Never forget an important detail again with the Notes feature. You’ll be able to add detailed notes to each customer profile in ReadyCloud MailChimp CRM. Use these notes to improve customer loyalty and retention from every sales move you make.

No Credit Card Info Needed!