When you connect your merchant account to the ReadyCloud Suite, you’ll see something truly amazing: ReadyCloud will instantly import all your Amazon orders as well as any orders from your other sales channels (eBay, your website, etc.), and create detailed customer profiles complete with timeline, order and invoice data, shipping and returns information, customer-focused notes, calendar and more.

ReadyCloud is powerful Amazon CRM software that’s packed with features that help you compare the cross-channel data of your customers, with rich reporting, email marketing integrations, tasks and team management, real-time alerts, you’ll be a step ahead from day one.



You’ve never seen your data like this! The integrated dashboard in ReadyCloud Amazon CRM software gives you a complete view of all your cross-channel data, complete with robust reporting, trends, charts, shipping profitability reports, and so much more. Use this data to learn the seasonality of your store and better understand that habits of your customers.

Order Detail

Get to know your customers with order detail from every purchase. ReadyCloud instantly organizes this data and gives you an order list for each customer. Simply click into the order to see rich charts, shipping and delivery timeline, returns, tracking number and invoice. Add notes, tags, tasks, events and more to each order to improve relationships and communicate with your team.

Action Alerts

Remarket like you mean it with the all-new Action Alerts! This is a powerful Growth Marketing tool that lets you update customers via SMS or email in real-time with features like shipping status, return status, thank yous, cross and up-sells and so much more. You get 100 free Action Alerts with your ReadyCloud license. Buy more as you need them and improve relationships in real-time!


With integrated analytics, you can finally learn the lifecycle of your customers. Find out who is buying what, when and why. Track orders from origination to shipment and even returns. Create detailed customer profiles with the ability to add notes with tagging, events and calendar entries. Never miss out on a sales chance again when you have ReadyCloud powering your CRM for Amazon.

Get more from ReadyCloud Amazon CRM software with our growing list of addable upgrades, plugins and apps. Expand the functionality to make our CRM your go-to customer relationship management and marketing tool.

Use the calendar feature to plug in important dates, like sales events, customer follow-ups, and more. Never overlook something that matters in your sales cycle again. You can even tag certain customer profiles and other team members in your calendar, so that everyone is on the same page at all times. The convenient color-coding and day/week/month views make it easy to keep track of your busy week.

Point of sale systems are not designed to build relationships. But it’s the relationships that you build with your customers that lead to the sales that you process from the POS. Now there’s way to connect both sides with the ReadyCloud Suite.

Make the most of every minute with integrated tasks that help you stay ahead of the game. ReadyCloud Amazon CRM lets you create unlimited tasks, assign team members, attach files, add notes and comments, tags and even set due-by dates with dashboard alerts and breadcrumbs. Tackle your day like a pro with tasks that help you and your team keep on track.

The ReadyCloud Amazon CRM app helps you make the most of your customer contacts with the ability to create detailed customer profiles. Add important notes to each profile so that you never overlook a prospective sale again. Know how to contact your customers, and easily create mailing lists, events and reminder dates, so you can improve customer service and the relationship simultaneously.

Stop wondering what your customers’ habits are and start learning them. ReadyCloud CRM for Amazon easily helps you match the shipping label and address to the customer’s name and email address, so you can start building detailed contact lists today that you can use to market to in the future. Each profile features real-time order, shipping and return data.