Consumers shopping on Amazon have grown to expect timely delivery, easy returns and complete order visibility. Now you can fulfill that promise with ReadyCloud Amazon CRM software. Plug ReadyCloud into your Amazon store to see all your cross-channel orders in one place. Combine it with the Premium ReadyShipper X plugin to get orders shipped to your customers quickly and efficiently, with real-time updates that keep them informed of the order progress, shipping and tracking numbers. Make your Amazon store stand out when you fulfill orders in lightning speed.


See All Your Channels From The Dashboard


When you connect your merchant account to the ReadyCloud Suite, you’ll see something truly amazing: ReadyCloud will instantly import all your Amazon orders as well as any orders from your other sales channels (eBay, your website, etc.), and create detailed customer profiles complete with timeline, order and invoice data, shipping and returns information, customer-focused notes, calendar and more.

You’ve never seen your data like this! The integrated dashboard in ReadyCloud Amazon CRM software gives you a complete view of all your cross-channel data, complete with robust reporting, trends, charts, shipping profitability reports, and so much more. Use this data to learn the seasonality of your store and better understand that habits of your customers.

Order Detail

Order visibility helps you maintain a pledge to your Amazon customers that they’re going to recieve the product they ordered in a timely and efficient manner. With ReadyCloud’s robust order data, you and your team will have complete visibility into every Amazon order that’s placed, helping you fulfill it accurately and quickly to meet your customers’ expectations.