Don’t Overlook These Incredibly Cheap Shipping Options

You’ve got an online store to run and the last thing that you want to fret over is the high cost of fulfilling your orders. Studies show that one of the largest expenditures that ecommerce businesses will have to absorb is the cost of shipping and handling.

Your customers, according to studies, want cheap shipping options or they may not make the purchase and could abandon their shopping cart. Fortunately, you found this web page, because we are about to show you how you can get tied into the best rates on USPS shipping while gaining access to the best shipping software.


Flat Rate Select is a special feature that’s included with every copy of ReadyShipper shipping software. Via our partnerships with discount shipping providers, you will gain access to cheap shipping options for USPS, some of the best shipping options for ecommerce businesses.

It’s ideal for your smaller but heavier items that weigh up to 20 pounds. Flat Rate Select ties you into the best rates on USPS shipping, allowing you to ship your most common items in non-branded boxes without paying a rate increase. It’s perfect for shipping most parcels from ecommerce stores, and it’s based upon zones, not the weight of your package (up to 20 pounds).

Now you can offer lower shipping costs, which can attract more customers and help you better compete with your rivals. According to numerous studies, shipping prices can affect as much as 65% of your sales volumes. ReadyShipper and Flat Rate Select combine to give you the best options for shipping and the lowest prices on postage.

If you use the standard shipping options that are offered by the USPS, you can usually only get these amazing discounts when you ship items that weigh less than five pounds, and that are able to fit into your USPS branded Flat Rate boxes. When you use Flat Rate Select, you can use your own boxes with no rate increase, and you can ship up to 20 pounds at the same great rate.

As the competition grows fiercer, online stores are doing everything that they can to compete with giants like Amazon and eBay. Being able to offer your customers cheap shipping options is a critical element of running any successful online store. Thanks to Flat Rate Select, you can now offer the same low shipping prices that the big box stores do to earn the business of your customers.


The shipping prices that you offer will dictate the amount of sales that your online store will generate. In numerous studies about the cost of shipping, it was found that customers want cheap shipping.

Customers want to know the cost upfront, they want to be offered free or low cost shipping, and they want to be able to have access to an easy tracking option for the packages that they order. By using the best shipping options for ecommerce, you can appeal to more customers and earn more business day in and day out.

With Flat Rate Select, you will gain access to the coveted Commercial Plus pricing offered by the USPS. This is typically reserved for businesses that ship over 150,000 packages per year. But with our partnerships with discount postage providers, you can gain access to these rock bottom shipping rates, only paying for the postage that you use, as you use it.

Flat Rate Select is USPS Priority Mail offered at the lowest price possible. Send your packages quickly with an average three-to-five business day delivery and the lowest possible Priority Mail rates. Offer customers the cheap shipping options they want and the quick delivery so that you can earn their loyalty, improve upon retention and increase sales.


When you run an ecommerce store, it can be difficult to know which of the cheap shipping options will work out for your bottom line best because sometimes you are shipping odd-shaped packages. With TrueShip you will gain access to top quality and unbranded boxes via TrueShip Supply.

TrueShip Supply contains Flat Rate Select approved boxes. These are unbranded boxes that you can use in place of the standard USPS Priority Mail boxes and mailers. They make it easy to predict your shipping cost because they show what the special Flat Rate Select rate will be before you buy them. Now you can ship with confidence and your own special branding.


It’s no mystery that fulfillment time can really rob you of spare hours in your day. But we make it easier to get your packages out the door using cheap shipping options. State-of-the-art label software is built into each copy of ReadyShipper, and can quickly generate FedEx, UPS and USPS compatible shipping labels at the click of a button.

Use our signature ReadyLabels to print carrier-compatible shipping labels at a speed of about one per second. What’s more, you won’t need to buy some costly thermal shipping label printer. Our labels can print from any standard inkjet or laser printer without jamming.

Each ReadyLabel form comes on an 8.5”x11” sheet of paper and includes a 4”x6” peel-off shipping label, as well as a perforated comment card and packing list. This makes it faster and easier to get your packages out the door to customers because you can use one fluid fulfillment system.


One of your greatest expenses as an ecommerce business is the cost of shipping. Shipping prices can really dictate what your profit margins are. Furthermore, your customers want free or cheap shipping, as countless studies have found this is the top desired amenity when shopping online.

With ReadyShipper and Flat Rate Select, you will have the advantage of an easy-to-use shipping system that includes your shipping label needs and predictive shipping cheap shipping options via Flat Rate Select and TrueShip Supply.

Know what you will pay for shipping well in advance so you can better predict your shipping cost. Next, make slight changes to modify the shipping prices that you charge to your customers to encourage an increase in conversions.

One small change to your shipping prices can result in a boom in sales. As customers compare your competitive rates to other online stores, they can be offered cheap shipping options with speedy delivery via USPS Priority Mail service. It’s truly a win-win situation for you and for your customers.


Online sales can be tough to close these days. The average ecommerce store sees a small three percent conversion rate overall. That means that 97 percent of your customers are navigating away from a shopping cart, a method that has been coined as “shopping cart abandonment.”

Numerous studies on shipping prices and sales have been conducted over the past ten years in attempts to find out why customers will abandon a shopping cart. These studies have found that the cost of shipping is the biggest biding factor. By and far, your customers want cheap shipping options or they will go to another store that offers them this.

With Flat Rate Select, you can put your online store in a position to better compete with your rivals by using a predictive shipping model and a progressive and competitive shipping rates and delivery times. These factors combined will result in a rush of more sales and, ultimately, a healthier conversion rate overall.


In addition to wanting cheap shipping options, most customers actually want free shipping from an online store. It is not uncommon for shoppers to actually compare local prices to online prices to see if they can avoid paying costly shipping fees. But if you are using an affordable shipping option, you may be able to still offer free shipping without cutting into your profits.

A number of methods can be integrated that make it possible for your store to offer the coveted free shipping customers crave without going for broke in the process. Flat Rate Select puts you in a position to actually consider offering this conversion increasing offering because you can project your shipping prices and get the lowest rates on Priority Mail.


Don’t wait another day to take advantage of the amazing cheap shipping options you can enjoy with Flat Rate Select. These uncanny savings are built right into each copy of ReadyShipper shipping software. After getting your account setup (takes minutes), just select Flat Rate Select as your “ship type” when processing orders and save money with each shipment you send out!

There’s never been a faster, easier or more streamlined way to save money on each shipment you send out. Flat Rate Select is the ONLY small business shipping solution you need for all your outbound parcels up to 20-pounds. Start your 14-day FREE trial of ReadyShipper today, and start shipping like a pro!

With ReadyShipper shipping software and Flat Rate Select, you are in complete control of the future successes of your ecommerce store.

Already a ReadyShipper user? Simply enter your package dimensions into ReadyShipper for all new options with Flat Rate Select.

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