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Direct Scale helps you and your team create personalized web office experiences that help distributors drive the success of their business. DIY configurability enables corporate users to target distributors at every step of the lifecycle with the supportand training they need to earn more income and stay loyal, all without writing a single line of code. Now it fully integrates with ReadyCloud Suite to give your team a powerhouse of tools that help you build better relationships from day one while streamlining shipping and returns.

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ReadyCloud Suite Features

ReadyCloud CRM software for Direct Scale instantly imports all of your orders from here and all of your other sales channels, creating a one-stop customer relationship enhancement interface that keeps you in the know at all times.

+ ADD Square To The ReadyCloud Suite

Point of sale systems are not designed to build relationships. But it’s the relationships that you build with your customers that lead to the sales that you process from the POS. Now there’s way to connect both sides with the ReadyCloud Suite.


ReadyCloud Direct Scale CRM puts your data in full view with an integrated and easy-to-navigate dashboard that gives you a complete look at your cross-channel metrics. See what’s trending, track orders from inception to shipment and even return, spot trendsetters and see the seasonality of your orders. Use this data to make smarter marketing moves while improving relationships with customers that leads to better loyalty and long-term retention.

Order Detail

See order detail like you’ve never seen it before! ReadyCloud instantly imports all your cross-channel orders, creating instant customer profiles from the data and generating robust order detail that includes invoice, tracking number, shipping timeline, customer-focused notes, tagging and so much more.


Make the most of your busy day with integrated tasks and team management. Assign tasks to any team member with due-by dates, notes, file attachments and tagging. Easily sort through tasks and update them in real-time so you never overlook something important again.

App Store

Our growing list of apps adds even more functionality and power to the ReadyCloud CRM software for Direct Scale. Have a look at what’s available right now, and make sure that you come back soon. We are adding new apps on a weekly basis.


ReadyCloud is powerful CRM software for Direct Scale that puts your online store in a position to succeed. This direct integration pulls all of your orders from your SkuVault inventory and lets you create detailed customer profiles, so you can get to know the faces behind your orders better.


Use the color-coded calendar to create event reminders, follow-up notes and more, so you never miss an important call or overlook a key customer again. A growing list of powerful integrations adds new functionality to ReadyCloud, with new and exciting integrations being added all the time.


The ReadyCloud Direct Scale integration has powerful tools like custom notes, which let you add specific notes to each profile, or events, which allow you to create reminders and to-dos that you can tag customer profiles with, you’ll be on the fast track to expanding your relationship with customers in no time.


Combine ReadyCloud with ReadyShipper and ReadyReturns for a complete ecommerce solution that merges automation with relationship building for better results.

No Credit Card Info Needed!