How to Get Discount Postage Rates

The cost of shipping can really eat into your budget. If you run an ecommerce business that ships out packages daily using the USPS, you are well aware with how shipping affects the prices you charge (and the profits you make). Standard USPS shipping rates are great, but have some restrictions. For starters, if your shipments exceed five-pounds or don’t fit into the USPS branded box, you’ll pay a lot more. If you want to use your own packaging, the fees also increase. Seeing as most web-based businesses ship parcels that can weigh up to 20-pounds, it can be difficult to find the discount postage rates you need to state competitive.

The cost of shipping has increased in recent years, too, prompting many shipping carriers to tack on added fuel surcharges or raise their shipping rates. This has also made it more difficult for ecommerce businesses to compete with other online stores like Amazon, because many of the larger stores offer free shipping to attract customers. But with Flat Rate Select, you pay based upon the box size, and not the weight of the contents (up to 20-pounds).


Flat Rate Select is a proprietary feature of ReadyShipper shipping software. Your active monthly license gets you directly connected to instant shipping savings on USPS Priority Mail. Use these discount postage rates to better project your shipping costs, and to reduce the cost of shipping for your customers, so you can increase sales.

Previously, you had to be a large volume shipper, sending out at least 50,000 packages per year, to qualify for these generous USPS discounts. But with Flat Rate Select, you’ll be directly connected to the best rates on Priority Mail without a long term, large-volume contract.


Being able to predict what shipping will cost you each month or year is essential in your online store being as competitive as possible. While big box online stores are more easily able to do this, smaller stores like yours can, too, when you have predictive pricing such as that which is offered through Flat Rate Select.

ReadyShipper will let you see how your special Flat Rate Select price compares to what the other carriers are charging. This will enable you to make the most advantageous choice for shipping every time. You’ll enjoy signature discount postage rates while being able to more easily project one of your greatest operational expenses.


Typically, you will need to use the USPS branded boxes to get the special Priority Mail pricing. If you want to use your own box, and offer a more professional looking product, the USPS tacks on a new fee. But with Flat Rate Select, you’ll be able to use your own custom branded boxes and still get the best discount postage rates.

Another reason to use your own boxes is that sometimes the standard boxes offered by the USPS are not sized to meet your ecommerce needs. This is especially true if you are shipping odd-sized items that don’t exceed the weight limit. Flat Rate Select gives you a real advantage here because you still will get the same low rate, regardless the box that you use.


Introducing TrueShip Supply, a place where you can find all the discount shipping boxes that you need for Flat Rate Select. These boxes come in all sizes and shapes, so you have real options for your packaging.

All of the boxes featured on TrueShip supply are specially created just for Flat Rate Select and the discount postage rates it connects you to. As long as you don’t exceed the generous 20-pound shipping limit, you’ll get the rock-bottom rates. Use these boxes to add that custom feel to your outbound parcels to help create that “wow” moment when your customer open the items they’ve ordered.


Competing in today’s ever expending ecommerce world requires an edge. With large-size, big-named retailers trying to attract the same customers, one factor all shoppers consider is the cost of shipping. A number of recent studies, found that more than 70% of online shoppers want discount shipping. Now you can offer these low rates without digging into your bottom end or your profits.


You can start saving money right away with the discount postage rates offered by Flat Rate Select. You’ll get the same reliability and speed of the USPS Priority Mail service, but for a lot less!

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