Discount Shipping

If you are still paying standard postage rates with the USPS for your outbound packages, and you run an ecommerce store, you are likely spending too much money. You could instead be saving money (and time) by opting for a more viable means of getting the best rates on discount shipping with Flat Rate Select, offered exclusively to ReadyCloud users.

If your business frequently ships packages that weigh 20 pounds or less, you could be saving a small fortune with Flat Rate Select while being able to offer your customers speedy delivery and low-cost shipping and handling fees to help attract more sales. Flat Rate Select connects you to the best rates on discount shipping with the USPS so you can save money and time from your order and fulfillment process.


Many online stores sell products that are not too large in size and that don’t weigh over 20 pounds. If this applies to some of the products in your store, you could be spending too much on your shipping costs. Flat Rate Select allows you to take advantage of the lucrative Commercial Plus pricing bracket offered by the USPS. This is the lowest price you will find anywhere for discount shipping with the USPS on Priority Mail and Priority Express Mail rates.

Shipping at standard USPS rates can cost you a fortune. You will usually only get a discount when your packages are five pounds or less in weight, and only if they can fit into the USPS branded packaging materials. When you use Flat Rate Select, you can now use your own packages with your own logos and without the increase in rates. What’s more is that you get a generous weight limit of up to 20 pounds with the same reliable USPS delivery service.

Many recent studies have consistently shown that online stores that offer low cost shipping fees do greater sales volumes than stores that do not. Overall, about 70% of your customers want discount shipping options with the price stated upfront, or they may not make a purchase. With Flat Rate Select, you can now offer the lowest prices on shipping and help to improve your shopping cart conversions rates.


Flat Rate Select comes with each subscription to ReadyShipper shipping software to get you the best possible deals on discount shipping. You can use our shipping software to shop for rates between all major carriers at the push of a button. Often you will find that Flat Rate Select has the lowest prices for your packages that are less than 20 pounds.


In recent years, the only entities that could gain access to the amazing discounts on shipping offered by the USPS with Commercial Plus pricing were those that were shipping over 50,000 packages per year.

With the Flat Rate Select program, you can get these same discounts without having to ship such high volumes. Via our partnerships with discount shipping providers, we are now able to connect you directly to the big volume discounts no matter how much you ship out each year.

What’s even better is that Flat Rate Select is included with each copy of ReadyShipper at no extra charge!

Flat Rate Select gets you discount shipping on USPS for a lot less money. Use ReadyShipper to make your shipping process smooth and easy. Then choose the savings on Flat Rate Select to put more money in your pocket each month. That’s money that you can use to advertise your business, stock more products or use for a rainy day fund.

Already a ReadyShipper user? Simply enter your package dimensions into ReadyShipper for all new options with Flat Rate Select.

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