Stop Struggling With Your Newegg Order Fulfillment!  

As a Newegg seller, you’ve got a lot on your plate… from attracting sales to getting your orders out the door. ReadyShipper automates your shipping process, so you can focus on getting more sales.

Introducing the Newegg integration for ReadyShipper. It sets up in just a few minutes, allowing you to using your Newegg account and our shipping software together. The module will import all your Newegg orders, allowing you to easily compare rates between the top-three U.S. carriers, print shipping labels, and update customers with their order status and tracking number in just a few clicks.

The Newegg integration is loaded with powerful features that can make your order and fulfillment a much easier process. Whether you’ve just started your Newegg account and are seeking a software solution, or you are brand new to the e-commerce arena, ReadyShipper offers an easy-to-use and robust solution. Import all your batch orders and ship them in just minutes. Integration is fast. Just sign-in from your ReadyShipper application and integrate with the Newegg module to get started.

How it Works

The Newegg shipping software module relies upon our Order Browser feature. This essentially acts as a looking-glass into your Newegg system. It allows you to see all of your orders in real-time, either on demand or automatically, so you can monitor them and import them into ReadyShipper as you see fit. Once the orders have been imported, you will be able to use the order number to track them, or the SKU; it’s your choice.

ReadyShipper shipping software for Newegg is smart. It will never double-import orders. It is designed to know what orders have been shipped and which orders are pending. This helps prevent any double orders from ever being shipping so you can breathe easier.

Once you have imported your orders into ReadyShipper (takes just one button click and a few seconds), utilize the feature-rich toolset to organize your daily shipping and order fulfillment process. The Ship Type Converter can convert any standard shipping method into a carrier-specific one instantly. Check on the different rates being offered by various carriers, process all your orders in batch or one-by-one, send tracking numbers, comments and updates to your customers instantly, and generate reports at the push of a button.

That’s just the tip of the iceberg on the array of features that you get with ReadyShipper. The Newegg shipping software module for ReadyShipper is included with your active subscription at no extra charge. Just select it as the included ReadyModule with your download today. Next follow the simple integration instructions, and start running your Newegg business the smart way.

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