Connecting with your customers and understanding their behavior is critical in ecommerce. The ReadyCloud Suite offers powerful Prestashop CRM software helps you stay ahead of the game by giving you powerful relationship building, marketing, data analysis and automation tools that improve loyalty. Plug ReadyCloud into your PrestaShop store and see something amazing: All your orders are instantly imported to create highly detailed customer profiles complete with order time line, customer-focused notes, tasks, calendar/events, tasks, team management and so much more. Start in under 5 minutes and get to know your customers better today!

ReadyCloud Suite Features

ReadyCloud PrestaShop CRM is a powerful customer relationship management, marketing and analytics tool that no online retailer should ever be without.


Make the most of your data with the ReadyCloud CRM dashboard. Know who’s buying and returning, manage your daily tasks, review data, trends and seasonality, and learn the habits of your customers. Use these insights to improve relationships and retention.

Order Detail

See orders like you’ve never seen them before! ReadyCloud CRM for PrestaShop delivers amazing order details, complete with order timeline, invoice and tracking number, return information, notes, tagging and more.


Manage your entire team from ReadyCloud CRM. The integrated tasks feature lets you create tasks, add team members, set due-by dates, add comments to the feed and share files. Convenient dashboard alerts keep everyone on the same page, with easy-access breadcrumbs.

App Store

Need even more power and functionality? Then look no further than the App Store, your go-to place for plugins and new integrations that enhance the functionality of ReadyCloud CRM for PrestaShop. We’re creating new integrations every day, so make sure you check back soon to see what’s new.


ReadyCloud PrestaShop CRM gives you a complete look at your customers and their habits. Instantly import all of your contacts as well as their order history, shipping preferences and return data. Learn what each customer is doing, with immediate access to their profile, tracking number and ship-by dates for all their orders, displayed in real-time, as they are placed.


Stay on top of your schedule and keep ahead of the game with the calendar feature. This Apple-inspired calendar features convenient color-coding with week/day/month views. Add events and reminders with optional customer tagging, so you won’t forget important event dates or follow-ups.


Put your customer service team in a position to succeed with the notes feature. ReadyCloud CRM for PrestaShop lets you add detailed notes to each customer profile. It’s a powerful customer service and relationship tool that no online retailer should ever be without.


Combine ReadyCloud with ReadyShipper and ReadyReturns for a complete ecommerce suite that automates your tedious tasks while helping you improve relationships along the way!



Change up your shipping game by making fulfillment fast and easy for your Prestashop store. ReadyShipper gives you a powerful and easy-to-use toolset that will save you hours and connect you to sweet deals on shipping.

Are you still spending too much time on shipping? ReadyShipper’s automation tools help you reclaim hours from your day. With automated order import, easy sorting and editing and one-click customer updates, you’ll be on a roll.

Save stacks of cash on the USPS orders you ship the most with built-in Flat Rate Select. It connects you to serious savings on Priority Mail on a variety of sizes. The more you ship, the more you’ll see the savings add up.

ReadyShipper works with your thermal printer for fast and easy labels. Or you can use our signature ReadyLabels, which give you a comment card, peel-out label and invoice on a single sheet.

Seeing is believing. That’s why we offer a 14-day fully unlocked trial of ReadyShipper. There’s no credit card necessary. Find out how fast and convenient shipping can be for your online store by getting started today.

ReadyReturns puts the power of customer service in your hands with fully automated returns. Now your customers can simply revisit your website to process a return, just like they would at Amazon or Zappos.

With almost 66% of people making returns online these days, your return policy matters. If you are not making returns as easy as Amazon, guess where your customers will shop? Now you can with ReadyReturns.

Automating returns means less time processing them for you, and an easy and fast system for your customers. ReadyReturns lets customers create an RMA and return shipping label from your website, simplifying this process.

It’s your store, and your rules. You can update the rules for ReadyReturns at any time, just by changing the settings. Set rules like return shipping fees, return by dates, restocking fees and so much more.

ReadyReturns puts you in the know by communicating all your cross-channel return data to ReadyCloud CRM. Now you can see who’s returning what, when and why. Use this information to improve your customer service and reduce returns.

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