CRM for Your E-commerce World

CRM For Your E-commerce World

With ReadyCloud Shipwire CRM software powering your relationships, you won’t have to guess about your customers any longer. Learn what products are selling the best, and why people are buying them. Find out what your customers really want with detailed charts and robust analytics. Stop playing the guessing game with your online store, and know what changes you can make now to propel sales in the future.

  • Import all of your customer data, including shipments, orders, sales history, contact information and more, all in just one click.
  • Learn your customer’s habits, including buying trends, returns, seasonality and more with detailed charts.
  • Instantly create detailed customer profiles with tagging, and the ability to add notes, events, calendar dates, reminders and more.
  • Use the color-coded calendar to track all event dates, with convenient tagging and reminders, so you never forget something important again.
  • Create detailed notes about customers that your entire team can access, so you can improve your customer service and enhance the relationship.
  • Connect your entire team to ReadyCloud CRM software for Shipwire, and use it as your go-to customer service tool.

CRM For Your E-commerce World Starts At $19/Month


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Seeing Is Believing


Never wonder about your customers again with ReadyCloud Shipwire CRM software. Learn the seasonality of your customers, so you know who to market what sales to, and what customers to avoid to reduce returns. Track your shipments from order to delivery, and even automate your returns with the *ReadyReturns app (*requires an added subscription service). With ReadyCloud, the sky is literally the limit.

ReadyCloud CRM for Shipwire is mobile, so you can access your customer data, shipments and sales charts from anywhere that you have a mobile device. Stay in the know about what’s going with your online store at all times. With an expansive and ever-growing list of integrations, something new is being added all the time to make it easier to enhance the relationship with your valued customers.


Want even more functionality? Take a look at our App Store. Find powerful integrations that let you do even more with ReadyCloud CRM for Shipwire. Check back soon, because we’re adding more apps all the time.


ReadyCloud Shipwire CRM makes it easy to connect to your customers. With instant data import, you’ll be in the know about your customers’ habits, trends and behavior. Know the lifecycle of your customers, from the initial order, all the way to delivery and more. Generate customer profiles instantly based upon your Shipwire order data, with the ability to add notes, events and color-coded calendar dates, so you never miss an important up-sell chance again.


Stay on top of your schedule with the calendar feature. Create detailed events with color-coding and week/day/month views. Tag customer profiles to add them to an event at any time. Set reminders, to-dos and more so you never get behind.


Dig deeper into the customer relationship with notes. Add details about any customer to their unique profile and empower your customer service agents to succeed.


The ReadyCloud Shipwire CRM app lets you know what’s going on across all your sales channels with real-time reporting, including the ability to generate charts, graphs and reports at the push of a button. Instantly compare shipping, order, return and sales data so you can take full control of your online business.

There’s been a notable change in attitudes … In years past, retailers weren’t all that receptive to it, they were thinking that by
not offering, people will not return their purchases,” a spokesperson from ReadyReturns comments. “They’re starting
to realize that you’re still going to return, and you’re not going to buy from that retailer again.

Newer, integrated software solutions like ReadyReturns put retailers in a position to offer their customers
an automated online product returns system. This software integrates directly into the online
store and provides a user-friendly return portal for customers and for retailers.

With so many different shopping carts and marketplaces, not to mention social channels, the Darwinism of ecommerce
is most certainly omni-channel. As a result, users will need to derive real-time analytics from all their sales
channels. Newer solutions like ReadyCloud, a cross-channel ecommerce CRM connect these dots,
and give retailers a true look at all their channels from one centralized dashboard.

It’s all about turning your potential customers into customers,” explains a spokesperson from ReadyCloud, an
ecommerce CRM tool aimed at improving relationships with your customers. “With Black Friday 2016 breaking
previous records, it’s obvious that the e-commerce industry is growing at a rapid pace. However,
not all businesses are doing such good numbers as some report poor conversion rates.

Thanks to the next batches of technology, like ReadyCloud ecommerce CRM, retailers have more tools than ever before
to help them drive sales and win over long term customers. Doing so also requires that e-tailers are in-tune
with their customers and the journey along the way. Smart retailers are always forward-looking.

ReadyReturns helps forecast who is returning what and when to expect it. It helps gather analytics of the return so
that the e-retailer can learn more about why items are being returned; something that can enable
them to make subtle changes to reduce the rate of returns.

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