What Are Action Alerts?

Action Alerts is the new wave in Shopify text message marketing software, designed to help you keep your brand in sight and stay in touch with your growing customer base. With Action Alerts, you can create beautifully designed email and SMS updates for your customers to provide shipping and delivery updates/statuses, cross promotions, flash sales and more.

New research finds that 61% of consumers rely on SMS alerts to confirm an ecommerce order. With an average open rate of 98%, Action Alerts keeps your customers in the loop while giving your online store a way to grow sales by remarketing to your existing customers.

How It Works


You get 100 Action Alerts with your FREE Trial.


Sync your eCommerce store to ReadyCloud.


Set your engagements and campaigns using Filters.


Get massive results as customers engage your Alerts.

Expect More from an Order Confirmation

Track the progress of your Action Alerts and easily create new ones in ReadyCloud CRM. Use the variety of email templates to create stunning email updates for your Shopify customers. Fine-tune your messages based on open rates and click-through ratios that help you hone your marketing messages to perfection.

When it comes to engaging with your valued Shopify customers, you no longer need an app. ReadyCloud and Action Alerts are so easy to use that they help anyone become a marketing genius with the best text message marketing software for Shopify.

Nothing Gets it Done Quite Like a Friendly SMS/Text

Order confirmation emails and text messages have the highest open rate of any messages your brand can send. With Shopify’s standard order confirmation system, you’re limited. Add Action Alerts to the mix, and you’ll be able to update new and existing customers with beautifully designed emails and text messages that cross promote related products.

Did you know that consumers go on to make a new purchase 28% of the time when they receive a cross promotional or special offer in an order confirmation? Action Alerts SMS marketing for Shopify dives deep into the customer’s shopping behavior and order history, so you can setup custom cross promotions that have a high conversion rate.

Marketing for Every Skill Level

Action Alerts goes beyond order confirmations. It’s designed to help you accomplish all your Shopify remarketing needs. Customize your messages and set them up with triggers. Need to send 30-day reminders so your customers remember to order before their supply runs out? No problem. Want to update everyone in your database about your seasonal promotion? Easy as pie.

With Action Alerts Shopify text message marketing software, you can setup an unlimited set of custom triggers that are based on filters you determine. These can range from order activity to seasonal even to location, and nearly everything in between. It’s remarketing on autopilot for your Shopify store.

Performance Metrics

Fine-tune your marketing message and customer service with Performance Metrics. Action Alerts tracks all of the messages that you send, delivering detailed reporting and analytics that include things like Open Rate, Click Through Ratio, Delivery Status, Unopened and more. Use this data to improve your Growth Marketing and to earn repeat business.

Dive deep into analytics with the ability to track customer specific actions and responses to your post-purchase marketing. You can even use Action Alerts to create action-based campaigns that only target customers who’ve converted on previous campaigns.

Your Brand, Your Voice

Nobody reads an email or a text that goes to their SPAM folder. Keep your brand in sight with the option to use your own outbound domain name for messages that you send via Action Alerts. Setting up your DNS to send these messages only takes a few minutes. You can add as many emails as you like with options to trigger messages from different sent-from address at your domain.

Action Alerts Shopify SMS marketing and email software gives you a way to reach new and existing customers without the hassle. Engage your audience with messages that resonate. Fine-tune your approach. And get more conversions than you ever thought possible.

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