CRM For Your E-commerce World

Squarespace offers premier, do-it-yourself websites and awesome online stores. But without the right Squarespace CRM plugged in, you really are driving blind. ReadyCloud helps you see past the clutter, and gives you clear insight into your customer’s habits, tendencies and buying patterns, so you can expand the relationship and improve long term retention and ROI.

  • Instantly import all your Squarespace data including contacts, orders, sales history and more.
  • Create detailed profile contact lists that you can edit at any time, so you can attach a customer name and face to your orders.
  • ReadyCloud CRM for Squarespace integrates with your other sales channels to give you a complete look at your omni-channel selling.
  • Use the color-coded calendar to create events, reminders and to-dos, which can also be assigned to specific contacts or to groups of contacts.
  • Enter detailed notes about each contact into their profile, so that your customer service and sales teams can enhance the relationship.
  • Connect everyone on your team to our Squarespace CRM software with additional licenses as you need them.
  • Add powerful, automated online returns with the ReadyReturns app, and be in full control of your return policy.
  • Get the functionality that you need with apps that add even more power and versatility.

CRM For Your E-commerce World Starts At $12/Month


Seeing Is Believing

ReadyCloud Squarespace CRM software is unlike anything that you have ever seen. With direct integration, you’ll be in full control of the customer relationship from order to shipment and delivery. The growing list of integrations expands ReadyCloud’s versatility, and enables you add functionality of everything from accounting to order management, shipping, returns and so much more!


You’ve asked for more functionality and we are hard at work creating it for you. Our team is constantly adding new apps and more power to our CRM software for Squarespace. Check out the App Store to see what’s new.


With ReadyCloud Squarespace CRM software, you can immediately know what your customers are doing. With the ability to instantly import all of your data, ReadyCloud creates detailed customer profiles and links them to their orders, shipments and returns data in real-time.


The Squarespace CRM app helps you improve efficiency with the calendar feature. Set convenient reminders and to-dos, or create custom events that you can add customer contacts to, so you never get behind. This Apple-Inspired calendar features color-coded day/week/month views.


Use the powerful tools like notes to enhance your customer service, by adding detailed notes and information to each customer profile. Create custom events that link to specific customer profiles, and use the color-coding, so you never lose track of something that’s on the agenda again.


With ReadyCloud CRM for Squarespace, you will always be in the know and one step ahead of your competitor. The robust analytics, feature-rich reports and detailed charts give you an inside look at your shopper’s tendencies, so you can create a strong game plan for success moving forwards.

Offer Zappos-Like Returns!

About ReadyReturns
With the ReadyReturns integration, you can automate returns for your customers in seconds. ReadyCloud and ReadyReturns communicate the return data, including invoice, tracking number, address and customer information to make it a simple, convenient and fully automated returns process for the customer.
Customers can either process a return online directly from your store, much like they would with Amazon, or they can call you and your customer service team can process the return over the phone from ReadyCloud. There’s never been an easier way to offer hassle-free returns!
Return Policy
Return Policy
Did you know that 66% of consumers take the time to read your return policy before they decide to buy a product from your store? If your return policy isn’t convenient, many of them will take their business somewhere else.
A convenient return policy has been proven to increase consumer confidence. When returns are easy, studies show that conversions improve and that customer loyalty, satisfaction and retention increases.
Want to get more sales? ReadyReturns automates your return policy so it’s just as easy to return at your store as it is on Amazon. Find out how!
You have spent a lot of time, money and effort building a user-friendly online shopping experience. But what happens when your customers have to place a return? Many times this “after buying” experience is mistakenly ignored by retailers.
If your customer needs to place a return, but finds that the process is inconvenient, the purchase experience as a whole is affected. But when the customer needs to place a return and learns it’s easy and fast, they won’t think twice about buying from you in the future.
ReadyReturns is so easy to use that anyone can do it! It installs to your website in just minutes. Now your customers have an easy, fast portal to place any returns. They can generate an RMA and print a return shipping label, all without having to wait on hold or make a trip to the local post office.
Your Rules
Custom Rules
ReadyReturns puts you in full control. You set the rules of the returns. This includes what products can be returned and how long they can be returned after the purchase date. The customer interface can match your website perfectly with no programming skills needed.
Easily assign customer service agents for phone-based RMA. Determine whether you charge return shipping and what fees you will charge (UPS Postal Innovations and USPS compatible). Get complete visibility of what is being returned, by who and when.
Customer Habits
ReadyReturns integrates directly into ReadyCloud CRM for instant access to all of your return data. ReadyCloud helps you better understand the behavior of your customers across all of your sales channels.
Find out what products are being returned the most, by whom and when. Know what customers to avoid marketing certain products to in the future, so you can reduce returns and improve your bottom line. Understand the seasonality of your returns and use the data to improve your second-chance upsets.

*Separate Integration & Setup Required


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