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ReadyCloud gives you something new, a better way to recognize and collaborate on orders, shipments and returns across all your sales channels.  We consider every order to be an event, and what’s better to manage these events than with Tasks, conversational Notes and Calendar!

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Your Order-Based CRM

A Task can be assigned to a teammate, connected to an order or return, and posted as a calendar event. 

Tasks connect your activities after the Buy button.

Order-based Tasks

ReadyCloud Tasks are open for team collaboration! Every unique task has its own feed, is automatically organized by due date, and added to Calendar Events for reminders and notifications. 

Conversational Notes

Keep a conversational Note, a transcript, of each Task-based collaboration.   Notes can be public, private, tagged for importance and include attachmentsSo, when there is a delayed shipment, lost return, or VIP order, assign a note to involve your team and give it the attention it needs. 

Calendar Events

When a task becomes a Calendar event it can be tracked on the ReadyCloud dashboard.  Each event is color coded, given a duration, description, and can be set to alert one or multiple parties. It is colorful accountability by day, week or month. 

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