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Ready to start selling on the Walmart Marketplace?

Take the first step and fill out the form below. A ReadyCloud representative will contact you.

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Walmart Seller

So you already sell on Amazon and are ready to take the next steps with the Walmart Marketplace.  We can help.

Our white glove on-boarding process will connect you with the people at Walmart to get you set-up right.  Then, we will sync you with ReadyCloud to give you access to email marketing, shipping, CRM and more.

Sign up today!

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What we need

The criteria your business must meet are as follows:

  • Must not be a current Walmart seller
  • Sellers have to have more than $400k in GMV across all US marketplaces, to be approved
  • Have a US business entity and Tax ID
  • Fulfill orders from a US warehouse
  • Do not use FBA for Walmart Marketplace orders but can use other 3PL warehouse
  • Must be able to provide US marketplace (Amazon, Ebay, Jet etc) accounts with feedback standards that meet minimum Walmart Marketplace standards
  • Preferred categories: consumer electronics, apparel, home goods, sporting goods, outdoor goods
  • UPC or GTIN Codes provided for each SKU
  • Do not sell the following brands: Beats, Canon, Fitbit, GoPro, LG, Nikon, Samsung, Sony Televisions (other Sony products are unaffected)
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