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Yahoo makes it easy to get off and running with your brand new online store. But if you don’t have a solid fulfillment and shipping system in place, you could find yourself bogged down manually fulfilling orders and managing them day in and day out. ReadyShipper Yahoo Shipping Software does the hard work for you.

Ecommerce ready, our multi-carrier support (FedEx, UPS, USPS), automates the most time-consuming aspects of your fulfillment process, making it easy and fast to ship your orders while connecting you to some of the best shipping rates you’ll find anywhere. Packed with features you’ll love from the start, get the Fully Unlocked 14-Day Free Trial now!


Sale Channels

Get more out of your store with shipping software for Yahoo that also lets you combine all of your sales channels. Just add the integrations that you need from the App store and enjoy amazing shipping versatility. With instant data import, easy editing and label generation, you can send out all your orders, from all your stores, from one easy to use software solution.

Multicarrier Support

Yahoo merchants have choices when it comes to what shipping method they will choose. Some merchants have access to integrated UPS labeling, while others choose to download their orders to UPS WorldShip, FedEx or the USPS. With ReadyShipper, you will be able to generate all the UPS, USPS and FedEx labels that you need.

Instant Import

As the industry leading and premier shipping software for Yahoo, ReadyShipper adds advanced features for greater shipping efficiency. Quickly import as many as 1,000 orders in less than 20 seconds. After import, order details can be viewed, shipping addresses can be effortlessly corrected, and products can be easily moved to multiple boxes with easy to understand features that do the hard work for you.

Professional Labels

ReadyShipper features built-in Yahoo UPS, FedEx and USPS labeling as well as one of the most advanced integrations in the industry. With the XML order export file, available to Yahoo standard and professional merchant accounts, users will be importing, organizing and shipping within minutes. Print thermal labels or use inkjet/laser shipping labels to send your packages out quickly.

Shipping Discounts

Get the lowest prices on USPS Priority Mail and Priority Mail Express with signature Flat Rate Express. Use it to offer your customers the low shipping prices they want, and increase your sales the easy way. Each active licenses also comes with an included Stamps or Endicia account at no charge to you. Ship as much as you like, and know that you are always getting the lowest possible rate!

No Growth Tax

If you are used to paying a volume-based fee for your shipping software, think again. ReadyShipper shipping software for Yahoo is offered at a set monthly price. Whether you are sending out a few hundred packages or a few thousand, your price will never go up. We don’t believe in taxing you just because your business is doing well. So go ahead, ship all you like. We won’t complain!

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