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13 Reasons Why Packages Are Delayed or Never Reach Your Customers

The best way to combat retail and ecommerce shipping losses is with ecommerce parcel shipping insurance. Here's what you need to know.

Customers want fast shipping these days, with many opting for next-day shipping to receive their order goods faster. Ther reality is that most retailers have experienced an instance where an item you have ordered is delayed or never arrives. When this occurs, it can be incredibly frustrating for you as an ecommerce retailer, but for the customer themselves even more so.

As a retailer you can do everything to ensure that your consignments reach their correct destination within the expected time frame by engaging order fulfillment immediately, creating accurate shipping labels and handing the package off to the carrier.

However, once the package is in the carrier’s possession, it’s out of your control. There are many factors that can contribute to the delivery being delayed or never reaching the customer. Mistakes happen, but choosing a reputable carrier and insuring your packages are the best ways to avoid potential losses. 

Why do your shipped packages not arrive? Here are the leading reasons why you should protect them before you send them with ecommerce parcel shipping insurance that covers your investment and protects your bottom line. 

1. Shipper Never Shipped the Package 

When a delivery driver arrives to pick-up packages from a shipper there are many scenarios that can play out that could potentially lead to them not receiving the correct packages or number of packages they were supposed to. Commonly this occurs due to human error such as information being entered incorrectly into the warehouse management system (WMS).

2. Outdated Technology 

Outdated or inferior technology limits the effectiveness and efficiency of delivery companies. This outdated technology limits if and what types of new tech can be integrated within their system. Both ecommerce and delivery companies must have shipping and warehouse management software that provides total supply chain visibility, unifies all pertinent information in one location and creates the ability to share real-time data among suppliers, warehouses, logistic teams, 3PL, carriers and couriers.

3. Carrier Does Not Scan Package at Origin Facility 

Traveling in the shadows the package is accepted by the carrier without an acceptance and or processing scans and moves through the supply chain. Until someone notices this can lead to packages being delayed, misplaced or lost entirely.

4. Human Error During Sorting by Shipper

During sorting it is common for human error to cause packages to be directed into the wrong shipping flow leading to being misplaced within the warehouse. Packages may be misplaced within the delivery vehicle by the driver themselves – stuck between vehicle seats, underneath or in the wrong bin.

5. Theft / Porch Piracy

Package theft and porch piracy is a growing problem across the United States as more people shop online and have items delivered to their front doors. An astounding 64% of Americans were the victim of package theft between 2019 t0 2020 while 210 million packages were stolen in 2021. These are concerning statistics that most hope does not become the usual trend.

6. Package Unrecognizable Due to Damage 

Packages are inevitably going to be mishandled incorrectly from time to time, but when packaged properly these occurrences should have little effect on the item within (hopefully). Beyond these typical occurrences there are instances in which the package is damaged to the point where recognition is not possible. Warehouse or delivery vehicle fires, water damage or contamination by a leaking package are likely culprits for this problem.

7. Motor Vehicle Issues 

Motor vehicle breakdowns are common and an expected issue during the delivery process which can lead to delays. With the correct technology carrier and courier companies can dispatch the nearest driver to the down vehicle and relay all packages to their final destination and delivered based on priority.

8. Weather Conditions 

Mother nature is unpredictable at times and issues such as snow, flooding, wildfires, earthquakes, dust storms etc. can lead to delivery delays or damage that makes it impossible for the items to be delivered.

9. Traffic 

We all have suffered through traffic either during our daily commute or on a trip to the closest largest city. Traffic can play a large role in determining when a package arrives to your customers.

10. High Volume Shipments 

Holiday surplus, increased shipping rates due to seasonality and sudden or unexpected increases in shipping volume can all contribute to delays in your deliveries. With online orders surging the need for carriers to have courier software that distributes the proper volume to drivers and maps out the most efficient, time saving routes is vital to staying on schedule.

11. Failed Delivery Attempts 

Customers themselves may be the reason behind your package not being delivered. Some high-ticketed items require that the driver make contact and collect a signature from the customer to complete delivery. 

To avoid delays the driver can only wait for a very short amount of time before they must move on causing a failed delivery attempt. With the appropriate track and trace system you can easily alert your customer of this situation in real-time solving the issue.

12. Customs 

Without proper documentation problems are sure to arise with international deliveries. This problem can quickly escalate if authorities choose to inspect your shipments. Partnering with reputable and reliable international carriers and couriers that keep their documentation accurate will help you avoid this problem.

13. Lack of Clarity

Sometimes something as simple as illegible writing can cause human error and delays. Employing logistics management software that takes handwriting out of the equation and creates easy to understand shipping labels to solve this issue. You can expect boosted reliability, full accountability and allowed growth and scalability when end-to-end package visibility is provided by the right logistics management software. 

Ensuring that your ecommerce business has the best logistics software possible to help streamline your order fulfillment process while insuring your shipments will lead to your consignments arriving on time and saving you from potential losses when accidents occur.

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