Discount USPS Flat Rate Select

How much will you save with Flat Rate Select?


You have a choice when it comes to shipping with the USPS

ReadyCloud partners with the best USPS service providers in the industry to give you a choice of services in ReaderShipper X that best fits your business. 

Choose from the names you know like, Endicia, Pitney Bowes, and more, not to mention “work-share” services that include UPS SurePostMail Innovations, and FedEx SmartPost. 

These services and others give you options for delayed billing, instant refunds on voided shipments, and amazing discounted rates. Add multiple USPS accounts to manage billing for different entities, capitalize on each partner’s strength of service and improve speed and productivity.

In today’s eCommerce-heavy environment, fast and reliable shipping is key to customer satisfactionReadyShipper X will help you facilitate the USPS into your strategy for success. 

Benefits Include:

  • Free USPS Shipper Accounts.
  • Full range of domestic and international services.
  • Fast and accurate shipping one-by-one or by batch… even by a USB barcode or dimensional scanner.
  • See time-in-transit and know the total cost of all shipments before you ship.
  • Great for 3PLs. Set up multiple merchant profiles and shipper accounts for reporting.
  • Flat Rate Select: Add dimensions, get a discount.

Flat Rate Select – A ReadyShipper X Exclusive

Flat Rate Select is USPS Priority Mail for less. Get the best rates, with predictable costs and delivery times, from coast to coast. 

If you recently experienced a USPS price hike, it may be in part because the postal service has changed the way it determines the pricing on dimensional weight. Flat Rate Select will help you find hidden discounts when:

  1. Using your own shipping boxes.
  2. Adding box dimensions to your shipments.
  3. Your shipments are between 3 lbs and 20 lbs.

Some discounts will be as high as 50% over regular Priority Mail. Best of all, Flat Rate Select is built into every download of ReadyShipper X. 

ReadyShipper X Direct Download
  • 1 Download RSX and start your free trial. No credit card required.
  • 2 Add your FREE USPS shipper accounts.
  • 3 Add box dimensions and ship with Flat Rate Select.
  • 4 Save on every Priority Mail shipment!
Minimum Requirements:
  • ReadyCloud Account
  • Microsoft Windows 7 (SP3), 8, or 10
  • Intel Core i3 @ 2.4 GHz (or better)
  • 4GB of RAM (or better)
  • 25Mbps Broadband Internet (or better)

Downtime or Rate Increases? Know Your Options

Facing downtime with your postage provider? Not allowed to use more than one USPS shipper account? We’re here to help!

We offer you more options to get you through your busy season than anyone else. Whether you’re using Stamps, Endicia, Pitney Bowes or another provider, Flat Rate Select gives you the flexibility to compare your rates across all providers while giving you the option to ship without constraints.

Want to avoid downtime? Now you can use multiple USPS shipper accounts to keep your shipping in motion, even if your preferred provider isn’t available. You get to choose which USPS shipper account is best for your business, instead of being limited to one option.

Flexibility for Growing Businesses

Whether you prefer because of perks like Global Post, which offers consolidated international rates, or you’re using Pitney Bowes to add versatility to your shipping routine, having the ability to switch between USPS accounts at your discretion gives you the flexibility to use the provider of your choice.

ReadyShipper X gives you immediate access to all major USPS shipper accounts including:, Endicia, Pitney Bowes and some that even offer immediate refunds on voided shipments. (Call for more information on our other available USPS shipper accounts.)

Get Started Today!

To get started, download your 14-day free trial of ReadyShipper X today. No credit card is required to start using this software right now. Got questions? Call us directly at 877-818-7447 or email us at

ReadyShipper X Direct Download
Minimum Requirements:
  • ReadyCloud Account
  • Microsoft Windows 7 (SP3), 8, or 10
  • Intel Core i3 @ 2.4 GHz (or better)
  • 4GB of RAM (or better)
  • 25Mbps Broadband Internet (or better)
  • 1 Download ReadyShipper X and start your free trial.
  • 2 Add your FREE Pitney Bowes or account and use Flat Rate Select.
  • 3 Add box dimensions to save on every Priority Mail shipment.
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