Think Global. Ship Local. GlobalPost international consolidation service is now built right into ReadyShipper X! If you’re shipping internationally and are sick of filling out customs forms and driving to the post office, this is a fantastic option that comes with significant cost savings. Here’s how it works.

What is GlobalPost? GlobalPost is a special consolidation service that’s ideal for retailers with volume international shipments. It’s included in your ReadyShipper account. If you don’t have a account, just let us know; we give you one for free with your active ReadyShipper license.

GlobalPost helps you more easily ship international packages that are 4.4 pounds or less. It comes with $100 included insurance for all your shipments, with a 6-10 day deliver time for priority services and easy customs forms.

How it works?

• The package is sent to the GlobalPost shipping and consolidation center near you.
• GlobalPost processes the package for shipping including any customs forms.
• Ships to more than 200 different countries.
• Business pickup is available for high volume shippers.

GlobalPost Services

With GlobalPost, you can use three different services that each have a corresponding size: Economy, SmartSaver and Standard. If you’re shipping more than 10 packages per day, there are additional discounts and benefits that you may be qualified to receive from

How does the consolidation service work?

The GlobalPost consolidation service is unique in the sense that you ship your international outbound packages to a sorting facility, which will be the address that appears on the ship-to label. The facility scans the package and handles custom forms, relabeling it for international shipment.

Is there insurance?

GlobalPost gives you $100 of included insurance at no cost. There is not an option to add additional insurance at this time, but there are third-party insurances via providers like Shipsurance, which you can add in ReadyShipper X, to provide up to $400 in additional insurance.

How do I pay for it?

You can buy postage for GlobalPost using your account.