These docs are for an older version of the API. Click here for the 2.0 API.

Web Hooks

Web hooks enable the ability to receive real-time updates from ReadyCloud. You can register a URL to which ReadyCloud will post all changes for a specified object type.

Register a new web hook

To register a new web hook you should create it by POSTing to the appropriate WebHook API resource entity. More information is available in the WebHook API resource documentation - Webhooks Resource.

Receive updates

After registering a web hook, ReadyCloud will use your URL as a REST API endpoint. The resource described by your URL should support two methods: PUT and DELETE. ReadyCloud will send a PUT request to <your_url>/<new_object_id> for new and updated objects. The body of this request will contain the same JSON as if you performed a GET request for the object which is the subject of the notification. ReadyCloud will send a DELETE request to <your_url>/<object_id> if the object is deleted.


When you register a web hook ReadyCloud will return a token in the response. This token will subsequently reappear in the HTTP_AUTH header of each request made by ReadyCloud to your web hook receiving URL. This way you can verify that the request is really coming from ReadyCloud.

Supported entities

You can register web hooks for these entities:

  • orders
  • packaging