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22 Facts About NetSuite You Probably Never Knew

NetSuite has around for 20+ years, and is an industry leader in ERP. Here are 22 facts about NetSuite you probably never knew.

NetSuite has been an industry leader in digital business as a comprehensive, cloud-based ERP (enterprise resource planning) solution since 1998.

Despite the NetSuite business and software solution being around for 20+ years, and there being ample integrations for ranging from NetSuite CRM to Shipping and Returns automation, there are still many things you may not know about it. In this article, we will explore 22 facts about NetSuite you probably never knew.

1. Cloud-based 

NetSuite provides a cloud-based solution with both its software and implementation requiring minimal cost. 

Via an internet connection, you have the ability to access NetSuite ERP services on most devices anywhere in the world, as long as you have at least a 3G connection. A 3G connection is sufficient enough to perform transactions with the system as well. Traveling salespeople will find the NetSuite mobile app especially useful as it renders well for small screened devices and is not an abbreviated form of the software. 

NetSuite is the largest cloud ERP solution that boasts over 40,ooo customers in over 200 countries. 

2. Single-source 

A full business ERP suite is at your fingertips with NetSuite. The software features tools needed to manage any aspect of business including accounting, finance, marketing, purchasing and support management, with most data shown being up to date. We will delve further into some of the features later on. 

3. Real-time functions 

With NetSuite you have the ability to achieve more in a shorter time frame providing a full view of your customers, real-time data analytics and dashboards that are role-dependent. 

4. Flexible

NetSuite offers solutions that are specifically tailored based on different areas of business. Workflow can be customized to meet your businesses unique needs while all tailored forms can be recorded and searched. 

5. Global and perfect for any size business 

The software is a total consolidation of management and financial tools that operates both locally and worldwide. NetSuite can be scaled to fit any size business, from a two user CRM business to large scale corporations that use NetSuite OneWorld with SRP and Advanced Financials while turning over half a billion in revenue per year and possess multiple subsidiaries globally. 

6. Dashboard is fully customizable 

The dashboard is completely customizable, allowing you to choose what information you need and how it is presented. All data such as reminders, graphs and charts are presented using configurable, drag-and-drop windows that are totally customizable. 

7. All forms are customizable  

If you need a new field, adding one is simple. Hit customize at the top right of the form and add your field. Then choose the field name, where it is viewable from, whether you want it to be mandatory, if selection is required through a drop-down menu or is free hand. The choice is yours and the options are numerous. The biggest perk? You do not need to pay an arm and a leg for an expensive software engineer to configure it for you. 

8. Data exportable from any search screen   

Have you run a report in the system, but want to download it as a PDF or transfer it into an Excel or Word document? Easy. At the bottom of each report there are buttons that you can click to download the data. 

9. NetSuite has a built-in email engine 

With NetSuite’s built-in email engine, you can send newsletters, individual emails to customers and even mass marketing emails. It provides most of the features expected of an email tool, except as an added bonus it alerts you when you have received a response to your emails. 

10. Two-way Microsoft Outlook integration 

The Microsoft Outlook integration is a free plugin that enables you to send a received email from Outlook while storing against customer records. With this feature, if you send an email directly from NetSuite it will copy into Outlook along with any back-and-forth responses. 

11. The Outlook integration is syncable

You have the option of choosing to sync your tasks and events from NetSuite with Microsoft Outlook. 

12. Set alerts to display on screen before an important call, task or event 

You can choose to have reminders popup on your window or an email alert sent to you anywhere from five minutes to a week in advance of your deadline. 

13. Project management software included

Oftentimes when a business investigates their software options, they are searching for software that meets their needs with finance, CRM or both. Through that investigation, many businesses are surprised to learn that NetSuite also offers project management modules. These modules feature tools including resource allocation, time and materials billing and Gantt charts. 

14. Ability to stream your favorite really simple syndication (RSS) news feed straight onto your dashboard

 Whether you use CNN, Bloomberg, Fox Business or some other RSS news feed, you can choose from any number of pre-built feeds or customize your own to stream directly onto your dashboard. 

15. Create unique and custom portlets 

With NetSuite, you have the ability to create custom and unique portlets. An example of a custom portlet that goes above and beyond the typical key performance indicator (KPI) portlets is the phone number finder.

If you receive a missed call from a number that you do not recognize and no message was left, you can search for the number in the system and compare it to a database of your prospects phone numbers. If the number belongs to one of your prospects you can call them back, but if it isn’t it was more than likely a telemarketer. 

16. Boasts an amazing material requirement planning (MRP) capability  

NetSuite has manufacturing capabilities that rival even the most well-known manufacturing companies providing bills of materials (BOMs) to work orders and assemblies. 

17. Top tier cloud security  

Keeping your data safe is the defining factor in NetSuite’s reputation as a cloud software provider. For this reason, NetSuite outsources all their data center operations. A world leading co-location provider, these data center operators provide fire and earthquake protection as well as cooling, heating and backup power. 

18. NetSuite processes over 500 million application requests per day 

NetSuite has added 9+ terabytes of data per day to their data centers while maintaining security of their customers’ data since 1998.

19. Functionality of the software is continually extended

A massive community of Suite App developers are continually creating and developing extended features that increase the functionality of the software. Whether you need an app for credit control workflow or shipping integration there is an app to meet your needs. 

20. NetSuite hosts many prebuilt integrations between ecommerce software and online marketplaces 

Most well-known software companies and ecommerce marketplaces have prebuilt integrations with NetSuite. Shopify, Magneto (ecommerce), WooCommerce, ZenDesk and Salesforce (CRM and customer service), Walmart, Amazon and Ebay (market places) all have integrations with NetSuite. NetSuite’s architecture is flexible enough to allow people to create new integrations all the time. 

21. Ability to buy full ERP or choose between finance and CRM 

You can choose to buy finance, just CRM or both. Buying them individually is much cheaper than buying the full ERP, but if you ever need to unlock the full version the ability is always there. The CRM software includes customer relationship management software, marketing automation, sales force automation and issue and case management, 

22. Ease-of-use 

NetSuite offers deep functionality yet is super easy to use. You don’t need to be an IT professional to be able to learn and use NetSuite to its fullest capabilities. Its ease-of-use proves to be one of its greatest selling points and benefits. 

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