+ ADD NetSuite To ReadyCloud

You’ve made an investment in NetSuite. Now it’s time to take the next steps with your brand. ReadyCloud helps you improve your customer’s experience after the buy button. Fast shipping, seamless returns and complete visibility ensure that your valued customers remember the shopping experience as a positive one to turn a first-time shopper into a repeat customer.


Built-In USPS Discounts

Shipping items with NetSuite can get expensive. ReadyShipper has you covered for all your small, heavier items, including popular liquids. Each ReadyShipper license comes with built-in USPS shipping discounts via Flat Rate Select. Take advantage of instant savings on USPS Priority Mail and Express Mail on all of your packages up to 20-pounds, and watch as the savings add up fast!

ReadyShipper X


NetSuite and ReadyShipper X combine to give you a seamless shipping system that saves you time and money while improving shipping accuracy. ReadyShipper will instantly import your NetSuite orders, adding automatic weights, box sizes and labels ready for shipping, with built-in, money-saving special USPS rates just for NetSuite sellers.



Automate returns and gain visibility with ReadyReturns. Now you can instantly know what is being returned, by whom and when to expect it. Every return is monitored for delivery status, so if you have a customer that processed a return but decided to keep it, you’ll know that, too. Every label created by ReadyReturns is a pay-on-use label. You are never billed for the cost of shipping unless the label is actually used.