5 Ecommerce Tools That Help You Immediately Improve Customer Loyalty

Your first priority when running an ecommerce store is to attract customers. But that’s where your job only starts because you also want to retain them. If you want recurring buyers, customer loyalty should be your primary concern.

We’ve gathered a list of ecommerce tools that can assist those who want to improve ecommerce loyalty. From returns software to other apps, these are the solutions you should try!

#1 ReadyShipper: Best Ecommerce Shipping Software

The real opportunity to impress a customer opens up once you land a sale. An order tracking tool can exceed the buyer’s expectations by delivering them updates about the delivery. ReadyShipper is an easy-to-use, multicarrier shipping solution that works with all major carriers and offers built-in shipping savings on USPS Priority Mail’s most popular box sizes.

Buyers can access your dedicated tracking portal to get information about their orders. As an ecommerce owner, you’ll appreciate that the software connects retailers with the most attractive rates and offers detailed analytics for e-tailers who need a multicarrier shipping software solution to power their fulfillment.

#2 Groove: An All-Around Customer Service Platform

If you want to attract or keep customers, it’s vital to establish a relationship with them. The best way to do that is to offer outstanding support to any potential buyer. A helpdesk software simplifies the process of communicating with visitors, and Groove excels in this category.

The tool features a knowledge base that saves time, a shared inbox to oversee all actions, and detailed reports to stay informed. Groove also allows automating responses to speed up the entire process.

#3 SurveyMonkey: Collect User Opinions

SurveyMonkey is a popular tool for gathering customer feedback. You can send polls regarding satisfaction with a product, opinions about the company, or specific business areas that concern you.

The tool offers a beginner-friendly interface and it’s easy to use. However, make sure to utilize it carefully. You want to gather useful information, but without the customers feeling overwhelmed. If you find the right balance, you’ll improve overall service and develop a stronger bond with your buyers.

#4 Orderhive: The Best Returns Management Software

As your store is growing, you’ll have more orders, but also additional requests for returning products. That’s where you need reliable returns software. These tools help to minimize the risk of an error, speed up the process and potentially reduce its costs

Orderhive is among the best choices in this category. Here is an overview of its major features:

  • Customized adjustments – it’s easy to pick a specific policy, including a potential replacement option, and add other features.
  • Easy to use – whether you create or cancel a request or set pick-up date, the interface is intuitive and user-friendly.
  • Real-time tracking and returned item management – the app can send email and SMS alerts to ensure you don’t forget a single return. Once the item arrives, you can soft, consolidate, and synchronize it with the original inventory.

Orderhive offers a free plan for Shopify users, which is another benefit of this tool.

#5: Lengow: Use Data to Improve Sales & Retention

Lengow is a critical ecommerce tool that is instrumental in improving customer loyalty. As a centralized ecommerce automation platform, it streamlines the process of selling products online across multiple channels. It offers an array of features such as product feed management, order management, and marketplace integration, all of which are crucial in providing a seamless online shopping experience.

By optimizing product visibility and ensuring real-time inventory updates, Lengow helps businesses deliver consistent and reliable service, thereby enhancing customer trust and loyalty. Its ability to adapt to market trends and consumer behavior makes it a must-have tool for any ecommerce business seeking to establish long-term customer relationships.

Need Even More Tips?

For ecommerce, it’s all about the customers. Improving their loyalty is the right path to taking your business forward. This selection of tools should help you in achieving that goal. Don’t hesitate to try the solutions and pick your favorites!

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