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How Do I Get These Rates?

ReadyShipper X Direct Download
Minimum Requirements:
  • ReadyCloud Account
  • Microsoft Windows 7 (SP3), 8, or 10
  • Intel Core i3 @ 2.4 GHz (or better)
  • 4GB of RAM (or better)
  • 25Mbps Broadband Internet (or better)
  • 1 Download ReadyShipper X and start your free trial.
  • 2 Add your FREE Pitney Bowes or account and use Flat Rate Select.
  • 3 Add box dimensions to save on every Priority Mail shipment.

Included With ReadyShipper

Flat Rate Select is exclusive to ReadyShipper shipping software. Each license connects you directly to the discount USPS shipping prices your business needs to better compete with other online stores.

Until just recently, the special pricing on flat rate discount USPS shipping was only available for businesses that were shipping more than 50,000 shipments annually. Now you can take advantage of these cost-savings without the contract!

Forecast Your Shipping Costs

Shipping costs are a big pain-point for many ecommerce businesses. Since packages can often differ in size and weight, this can mean that shipping costs can be difficult to predict, making it harder to know what the actual bottom line is.

With Flat Rate Select discount USPS shipping from ReadyCloud, you can base your shipping prices on the size of the box, and not worry about the weight, knowing you will get the cheapest shipping cost every time. ReadyShipper will show you how the price stacks up against other flat rate shipping prices. Now you can make the best decision every time and help predict your future shipping costs while getting the best discount shipping rates.

Use Your Own Boxes

USPS priority flat rate shipping pricing goes hand-in-hand with using their branded boxes. Swap out the box to one of your own, and you can get hit with more fees to send the same package. With Flat Rate Select, you can use your own boxes and still enjoy the same amazing discount USPS shipping prices.

Sometimes, the boxes that are provided by the USPS don’t work for the packages you’re planning to ship, even if those packages meet the dimension or weight requirements. Being able to use your own custom boxes means that you can send the professional-looking packages your customers expect while still getting the best flat rate shipping prices.

Introducing TrueShip Supply

Introducing TrueShip Supply – your one-stop destination for custom Flat Rate Select Certified boxes. Get the boxes that you need, offered at a discount, and know that you’ll be getting amazing USPS Priority Flat Rate shipping prices every time!

Each box fits within the size requirements for your Flat Rate Select discount, provided that you don’t exceed the weight limit of 20-pounds. Ship faster and easier with non-branded boxes that add a finished, professional look to your ecommerce shipments.

Increase Online Sales

You need an edge when competing with the major online retailers. Get that edge with the USPS shipping discounts available through Flat Rate Select. According to recent studies, over 70% of your shoppers want discount shipping. Now you can offer them the lowest prices possible with this convenient option to save money with USPS shipping online.

Taking advantage of the best USPS business shipping rates with Flat Rate Select is an easy way to save money and increase sales. Simply enter in your package dimensions and weight, and find out how much you can save on your next shipment.

Start Saving Today

Flat Rate Select is discount USPS priority flat rate shipping for less. Enjoy the same speedy flat rate shipping times and the quality service that you know and love from USPS.

To get started with the savings and this incredible discount shipping option, download your 14-day free trial of ReadyShipper today.Got questions? Call us directly at 877-818-7447 or email us at [email protected].