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Shipping with NetSuite? Once You Have These 6 Features, You’ll Swear by Them

Shipping with NetSuite used to be a tedious and frustrating process. Now there’s a faster, better way. Here are six features you need now and how to get them.

Shipping with NetSuite used to be a tedious and frustrating process. Now there’s a faster, better way. Here are six features you need now and how to get them.

Intelligent e-tailers make informed decisions about NetSuite shipping decisions. They understand choosing the right software saves time and money. In a business where shipping is fundamental to the success of your business, it’s essential to find the right service.

Not only that, but NetSuite also improves your return-on-investment. NetSuite’s order management options offer flexibility for fulfillment for growing businesses.

That’s why smart e-tailers choose NetSuite in the first place. While NetSuite has much to offer, there are some upgrades you’ll want to consider if you’re shipping with NetSuite. Here are 6 shipping features NetSuite doesn’t offer, and how you can get them right away. Warning, once you have them, you’ll never go back!

1. Fast, Rapid Volume Fulfillment

The demands of customers have become more stringent than ever. Customers are less patient and expect fast and reliable shipping.

Not only that, but customers want transparency. Having the right NetSuite integration partner like ReadyCloud can make this process seamless.

Shipping with NetSuite can get expensive fast! But, with the right NetSuite Shipping Software, you can save time and money. Additionally, third-party software can improve your shipping transparency, which is good news for your brand.

Here are a few benefits you can receive with a third-party NetSuite Integration tool:

  • Faster volume fulfillment (print 3 labels per second)
  • Save money on popular USPS Priority Mail box sizes
  • Industry-best order visibility, sorting, filtering and shipping timeline
  • Built-in growth marketing and remarketing tools
  • Hybrid-cloud solution (no more browser tabs)
  • Faster shipping with options for bulk and batch import
  • Custom rules and settings: ship your way every time
  • Professional shipping labels with your logo
  • Automated product returns (via the ReadyReturns plugin)

Today’s shopper is more impatient and demanding than ever. It pays to go with a service designed to keep them happy.

2. Custom Label Options

ReadyShipper X helps you create custom labels at breakneck speeds, with the ability to generate up to 3 labels per second. Custom NetSuite shipping labels can add a professional touch to your packages. Not only will your labels look better, but they’ll also perform better, too, and keep your brand in sight of customers.

3. Built-In Shipping Discounts

ReadyShipper X comes with built-in shipping discounts via Flat Rate Select. Use it for all your smaller, heavier packages for instant savings on the most popular USPS Priority Mail box sizes, good for packages up to 20 pounds.

As a growing business, you must find ways to cut costs and deliver quality service for your customers. Imagine saving an extra $2,000 dollars a month on shipping. Where could you put that money to better use?

4. Multicarrier Support

ReadyShipper X supports the way you ship and works with all the major U.S. shipping carriers, including FedEx, UPS and USPS, to give you as many options to ship as possible. Simply connect your shipper accounts in ReadyShipper and start shipping in minutes.

Got multiple shipper accounts? No problem. ReadyShipper lets you use multiple shipper accounts and even lets you create separate profiles for those accounts, helping you slash your fulfillment time and increase productivity, so you can ship faster and go home early.

5.  Better Order Filtering & Tracking

Since ReadyShipper X shipping software is a seamless part of the ReadyCloud Suite, it automatically pulls all your data into our industry-best, orders-based CRM. Use our best-in-class order filtering and sorting options for visibility you won’t find anywhere else.

ReadyCloud automatically creates profiles for your customers based on their order data, complete with shipping and returns timeline, tracking numbers, invoices and more. This gives you a complete view of your customers, shipments and returns with options to add notes, tags and even assign tasks.

6.  NetSuite RMA (CustomerReturn Authorization)

Returns happen. About 35% of all purchases are sent back, in fact. When you keep customers on site for returns, you earn second-chance sales opportunities.

How you manage returns is critical to long term customer loyalty and retention. That’s where ReadyReturns comes in. It works alongside the ReadyCloud suite of products to give you a way to truly automate your return policy like Amazon.

You’re in control, with custom rules and settings to make your return policy the way you want it. Limit return-by dates, set your return shipping fees, determine whether a NetSuite RMA (CustomerReturn Authorization) is required, add a QR code to your process, and so much more.

With convenient pay-on-use UPS return shipping labels, you only pay once a label is activated. What’s more, labels expire after 30 days of non-use, and new QR code return labels give your mobile-only customers and easy way to send a product back.

Level Up Your NetSuite Shipping With ReadyShipper X

If you’re already shipping with NetSuite, then you know how tedious it can be. Clicking through to each order, backtracking, label generation and more are all time consuming and outdated process. Instead, you could be shipping at lightning speed with ReadyShipper X and saving with each label you print out.

Ready to take the next step? Have a look at ReadyShipper X. Got questions? Shoot us a call at 877-818-7447. Or drop us a line at

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