Comparing The Top Three Companies To Find The Best Online Postage Service

There are many ways an e-commerce business can manage their shipping costs, but the best way is to choose the right shipping company. Managing both the cost of sending merchandise and receiving returns is important for making a profit and keeping businesses in operation. Although there are many shipping companies from which to choose, the top three choices for most companies are UPS, FedEx or USPS. Here’s how they compare to one another.

Comparing Shipping Companies

While controlling costs is vital to the success of a business, the services a company receives is also important. When selecting a shipping method, both the costs and the services offered need to be considered. For e-commerce businesses, it is important to compare the services and costs of the top three shipping companies to find the best online postage service.

Business Shipping Options

When selecting a shipping service, you need to compare their costs and services to find the best value for your company.

US Postal Service

The USPS offers many options for businesses to get their merchandise to their customers. The least expensive option is their Priority Mail flat-rate shipping because anything which fits into the envelope or box ships for one price. The weight limit for domestic shipping is up to 70 pounds, so most products sold on websites will ship for just one rate.

Businesses can order shipping supplies, such as envelopes or boxes, at no cost. They can also drop off packages at their local post office or, if they have larger shipments, they can schedule free pickups at their offices and/or warehouses. Packages can be tracked on the USPS site, so businesses can always check to see where their customer’s packages are.

USPS offers Priority Mail Express flat-rate shipping, which can get envelopes or parcels to customers overnight or within one to two business days starting at $21.64 for padded envelopes. However, they do not offer the same variety of shipment sizes regular Priority Mail flat-rate shipping does. With Priority Mail flat-rate shipping, envelopes and packages arrive within one to three business days with business rates at:

  • $6.30 for padded envelopes
  • $6.25 for small boxes
  • $12.05 for medium boxes
  • $16.55 for large boxes

Everything from ordering supplies, paying for shipping, printing labels, scheduling package pick-ups and tracking packages can be done online.


Another option for e-commerce businesses is to ship their products with FedEx. For businesses that need overnight delivery, FedEx may be the better choice as they can guarantee deliveries in the morning or afternoon. However, overnight deliveries will cost much more. And if you’re an e-commerce business, then you may not have a use for regular overnight deliveries.

FedEx services can be set up online once you open an account and then you can order supplies at no cost, print labels, manage shipping, track packages and pay for shipping via your account. Although there are delivery options, such as FedEx Express shipping, ground and others, their rates are calculated a dimensional weight calculation: L x W x H/139, so costs will vary depending on what you’re shipping. Pickups can be scheduled or you can drop off packages at a local FedEx location or one of their drop boxes.


Businesses can send bulk orders and those with more weight via UPS ground shipping. UPS also has next day, two-day and three-day shipping options for envelopes and parcels as well. They also provide free supplies, so businesses who don’t want to buy boxes from another vendor can place orders online through UPS for shipping envelopes, boxes, labels and customized forms.

The cost for shipping with UPS depends on which shipping option and the weight of the packages, so shipping costs will vary by what is put in the packages. Packages can be picked up or taken to local UPS centers. Shipments can be tracked and UPS accounts can be managed online.

With this information, you should be able to select the best online postage service for your business.

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