4 Ways to Get Results with Your Ecommerce SMS Marketing Software

The technology is evolving, and your ecommerce marketing process should adapt.  As an owner of a promising business, you need a campaign that’s affordable and generates excellent responses. With more than 95% of text messages opened by recipients, SMS fits that description perfectly.

You can get impressive results with SMS marketing software for ecommerce. It’s all about finding the right approach. In this guide, you’ll find expert tips on how to boost your text message campaign!

1.      The Importance of Urgency

Ecommerce text marketing software allows you to send different message types. But whichever message you pick, it’s vital to add some urgency to it. If you have a sale, remind the recipients that it expires soon. Does the customer get a special discount or a tempting deal? Even those should come with an expiration date.

This motivates your clients to act quickly. It’s a psychological technique that proved much better than letting a promotion be available for long. Also, it helps to boost brand awareness because it increases the chances of customer engagement.

2.      Use Special Dates and Events

Is your commerce celebrating one, five, or ten years of existence? That’s a nice opportunity to offer a special discount to loyal customers subscribed to your mailing list.

Your promotional SMS can also advertise a holiday sale you launched. Holidays are days when people shop more, and ecommerce owners should use that advantage. You can combine the holiday promotion with a special discount for loyal clients. Another option for offering a special discount includes your customers’ birthdays. That will help to strengthen a bond with your store while making the recipient feel special.

3.      Focus on Important Updates

A text message should be short and concise but also informational. If your customers take the time out of their schedule to read your SMS, it should have value. You get that value by focusing on important updates.

For example, promoting a new arrival is an excellent move a day or two after adding it to the store. But if you advertise a product that has been around for months, you probably won’t have much success.

4.      Ask for Customers’ Opinions

Did the customer just finish a purchase on your website? That’s an excellent time to ask them how they felt about the entire ordering process. You can create a survey and ask them to fill it. The survey shouldn’t take more than 30 seconds or so to complete. You can add an incentive for those who finish it, such as a small discount on their next order.

The benefits of asking for feedback are multiple. Not only will clients feel they matter to you, but you can enhance your services. It helps to discover the areas you can improve, which increases the odds of making more sales in the future.

There are other ways to strengthen the relationship with your customers, too. You can send them a simple thank-you after they receive the order. Information about restocking a product or a new arrival can also be valuable. It’s all about finding the right approach to your customers, so don’t hesitate to try different message types.

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