How to Add ReadyReturns to ReadyCloud

ReadyCloud Suite is a complete ecommerce solution for online retailers that comes with everything you need to make the most of customer relationships, improve shipping speed and accuracy and automate online product returns.

If you’re selling online, then you already know that returns hover around 33% or more of all sales that you make. With the ReadyReturns premium plugin for ReadyCloud, you can automate returns and offer a “Prime-like” shopping experience for your customers.

ReadyReturns works with the most popular shopping carts and can drop into any website with no coding required. To add ReadyReturns to ReadyCloud Suite, you’ll need to follow these steps. Keep in mind that ReadyReturns is a premium plugin and requires a subscription upgrade. For more information about this, please Click Here to Learn More.

Adding ReadyReturns to ReadyCloud

To add ReadyReturns to ReadyCloud, follow these steps:

  1. Inside of your dashboard, click the “App Store” icon in the lower left.
  2. In the App Store, select “ReadyReturns” – click the “$99.00/mo” button.
  3. In the popup box, click the green “Allow Access” button.
  4. Allow ReadyCloud a few seconds to process this transaction.
  5. Next, enter a name for your Returns account in the “Name” field of the next box that pops up.
  6. Now, enter the URL of your website in the “URL” field.
  7. Click the “Save” button.
  8. Once you see that installation has been completed, click the “Close” button.
  9. This will take you to a new screen where you can see that ReadyReturns has been added to ReadyCloud.
  10. Look to the left side of the dashboard and you will see a “ReadyReturns” field.
  11. Click “ReadyReturns” to access the ReadyReturns interface.
  12. Allow a few seconds for ReadyCloud to set everything up for you.
  13. Click “Add Now” in the new box that pops up to add your “default return address.”
  14. Fill out all the fields of where you want customers to ship returns back to you.
  15. Click the “Save” button.
  16. Next, you will need to activate your shipper account. Click “Add Now” in the new box that pops up.
  17. Click “Continue” to agree to the UPS shipper agreement.
  18. Enter your shipper account details and click “Agree.”

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