How to Add Warehouses in ReadyReturns

ReadyReturns is the preferred ecommerce returns system for thousands of retailers, ranging from boutique to household names. It’s also the preferred warehouse returns system for third-party logistics providers nationwide because of its user-friendly interface and custom rules and settings that can allow you to connect and synchronize all your warehouses using profiles and settings. 

Here’s how you connect any warehouse to ReadyReturns in less than five minutes. 

  1. Open ReadyReturns and click on “Rules Manager” in the upper toolbar. 
  2. In the next screen click the warehouse icon for “My Warehouses.”
  3. Next, click the green button that’s labeled “Create Warehouse.”
  4. Fill out all the required fields in the new form and then click “Save.”
  5. You can add as many warehouses as you like to automate returns coast to coast.

Need Even More Tips?

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