How to Automate Remote Employee Company Equipment Return

Most of a company’s IT assets are lost when remote employees have access to them. The company may promote some workers, assign others to new teams or roles, or even let them go. In order to improve business processes, employers must continually replace damaged or lost assets. As more and more employees work remotely, IT assets accumulate, making it difficult to keep track. Things may end up getting lost.

There are a few ways you can automate remote employer company equipment returns to avoid unnecessary expenses.

Remote Employee Equipment

Many employers fail to recognize that some remote employees lack the equipment they need to be productive. Only a tiny percentage uses the equipment provided by the company.

It is common for some organizations to assign remote team members equipment they already have. Companies capable of providing equipment have a pre-approved list of what is available.

The team members can buy the equipment at prices within their budgets. Most organizations provide items such as:

➡️ Computers with good internet connections

➡️ Improved internet bandwidth and data

➡️ Communication tools such as headsets

➡️ Home office equipment

➡️ Software and office stationery

Having IT policies for your team helps you create a more productive work environment. It is also necessary to develop an approach that details how the device is to be used and the terms associated with its usage, as well as making remote employe computer returns easy.

It should include:

➡️ Equipment usage

➡️ Guidelines on termination and end of the contract

➡️ Policies about equipment return from remote workers

Automation for Onboarding, Offboarding & Upgrades

The best method that you can use to manage your company equipment is automation. Whether you’re onboarding a new remote employee, offboarding an existing one or exchanging old equipment for new upgrades, you’ll want a streamlined method. That’s where ReadyReturns equipment returns software comes in.

ReadyReturns gives you complete control of the entire equipment return process.

➡️ Offer front-door pickups

➡️ Employees don’t need to worry about repacking the goods

➡️ Your equipment is packaged according to your specifications

➡️ Images can be required before equipment return

➡️ Real-time tracking is available in the dashboard

➡️ Convenient return shipping options

➡️ Optional added insurance protection

With the right remote employee company equipment return software in place, it’s easy and streamlined to managed your team’s IT needs. Whether they’re sending back a monitor, desktop, tower, laptop, tablet or other device, you can now fully automate this process from start to finish while increase employee compliance tenfold.

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