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How to Connect Square POS to ReadyReturns

Square is today’s leading ecommerce point-of-sale system, so it’s a natural fit for the most trusted ecommerce returns automation platform with ReadyReturns. 

We make it easy to connect your existing Square account to ReadyReturns, so you can process return shipping fees and restocking fees or any other charges that may be incurred in the process. 

Follow these steps to add Square POS to ReadyReturns: 

  1. Open ReadyReturns and click on “Settings” in the upper toolbar. 
  2. Next, click on “Payments” in the side toolbar. 
  3. Click the “Add Square Today” hyperlink. 
  4. Enter in your Square credentials in the next box that fills up to sync your account to ReadyReturns. 
  5. Next go back to the main Settings box, you will see the “Square Integration” under “Integrations” in the lower left. 
  6. Click on the Square Integration. 
  7. Check the box for “Enable Square.”
  8. Click the orange “Authorize this Application” button. 
  9. Click the green “Save” button.

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