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How to Connect Your Sales Channels in ReadyCloud Ecommerce CRM Software

If you’re selling online, you’re going to benefit from using a CRM for your ecommerce business. Before you can get started with a CRM like ReadyCloud, however, you’ll need to first connect your sales channels, import your orders and data and become more familiar with the features of this software. Here’s how you do just that.

What is an Ecommerce CRM System?

Before we delve into how you connect your sales channels in ReadyCloud, let’s first answer the looming question: What are ecommerce CRM systems? Software like ReadyCloud is designed to help online retailers better leverage the cross-channel data from all their ecommerce order activity to build stronger relationships with customers and improve loyalty and retention.

How Does an Ecommerce CRM Work?

Using an ecommerce CRM system to improve relationships means understanding how they work and how they can help your online business. These types of CRMs connect to your existing sales channels and import all the data, creating individual customer profiles complete with a shipping and order timeline, tracking numbers, invoices, customer-focused notes, tags and even tasks and team management. Keep reading to learn more about the features.

Key Features of Ecommerce CRM

Ecommerce CRM like ReadyCloud is loaded with user-friendly features that can help your online business get ahead of the game. In fact, this software has so many new and exciting features that we had to write a new guide to help you better understand how they fully work and help you improve relationships. Take a look at our Ultimate Guide to Ecommerce CRM software and learn about all the ins and outs of ReadyCloud today.

How to Connect Your Sales Channels in ReadyCloud

Connecting your sales channels in ReadyCloud is easy and will only take you a few minutes. Here’s how you do it.

  • Create your free ReadyCloud account.
  • Follow the steps in the sign-up funnel until you get to the “Apps” section.
  • Select the sales channels that you are using from the “Apps” section.
  • Enter your sales channel username and password (don’t worry this is a secure connection to your sales channel).
  • Submit the information and give ReadyCloud a minute or so to verify the connection.
  • Watch as ReadyCloud instantly imports all your ecommerce order activity.
  • Repeat these steps in “Apps” to add any other sales channel or marketplace accounts that you are currently using.
  • Make sure you have your login credentials for each sales channel/marketplace account handy.
  • For more tips, see the video at the top of this page, which gives you detailed, step-by-step instructions.

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