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Right-Click Returns

If you’re using ReadyShipper X to ship, your customers already know how fast those shipments arrive. You know that you’ve to a reliable solution that helps you save money on shipping and improve accuracy and speed. But what you may not know is that you can easily process one-off returns in ReadyShipper by using the Right-Click returns feature. By the way, if you’re processing a higher volume of returns, we’ve got a plugin you can add called ReadyReturns that makes returns seamless for you and for your customers.

How to Use Right-Click Returns in ReadyShipper X

  • Click into “Shipped Orders”
  • Click on the order that you want to create a return label for.
  • Rich click the order to open the submenu.
  • Select “Create Return Label” and click.
  • Go back to the orders screen and click the order again.
  • Click on “Ship” to generate the return label.

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